Kai Cenat calls out xQc by saying that he won't beat Forsen's Minecraft record, claims the former is "hacking"

Kai Cenat talks about xQc and Forsen
Kai Cenat talks about xQc and Forsen's Minecraft rivarly (Image via Sportskeeda)

During a livestream on April 12, 2023, Twitch sensation Kai Cenat commented on French-Candian icon Felix "xQc's" intense Minecraft rivalry with Sebastian "Forsen." While Cenat was reacting to posts on his subreddit, he came across a video of himself playing the survival game alongside xQc.

The Streamer of the Year stated that he would no longer be able to play Minecraft with Felix because the latter lacked patience and seemingly got infuriated whenever the former died in-game. Shortly after, the New Yorker stated that xQc should "give up" because he won't beat Forsen's speedrunning record. Kai Cenat went on to say that the 27-year-old was being a "try hard," as he played multiple instances of the game to find the perfect seed:

"Bro, you are a sweat, n****! Like, you are a hacker! You're actually a hacker. You're a hacker! Look at his stream right now. He's a f**king hacker! Look at this n****. He's actually a hacker."

Kai Cenat explains why he believes xQc is "hacking" amidst his Minecraft rivalry with Forsen

At the two-hour mark of his broadcast, Kai Cenat stumbled upon a clip that featured him playing Minecraft along with xQc. Before watching the clip, the 21-year-old content creator stated that he won't be able to play the Mojang Studios-developed game with Felix. He elaborated:

"I feel like, he's so advanced that, when I need his patience, he doesn't want to, like, you know? Because... I don't know, bro! You feel me? He's such an advanced type of a n****. I do f**k with the Juicers, bro. I do f**k with xQc and the Juicers, bro. The only thing is, I don't think he got the patience, bro! I don't think he got the patience for me, bro. You know? I feel like, when I died, like, he gets p*ssed."

In the clip, Kai Cenat and xQc were traveling across the Nether realm when the latter made a mistake and ended up falling into the lava, causing him to die almost immediately. When the AMP-affiliated personality saw this, he burst out laughing and stated:

"Yo, bro, xQc. Can you please pay me after you beat the f**king world record that you're never going to f**king beat?! Give up!"

Timestamp: 02:45:15

Kai Cenat then explained why he thought xQc was "hacking" in his Minecraft speedruns:

"This n**** is a f**king try-hard! Bro, he's the most try-hard n****, I've ever seen! He's putting in f**king seed. He's literally hacking Minecraft. He's hacking Minecraft. He's putting in a seed, that's generating about 20 worlds at once. He's finding the best world and he's trying to beat it in under five minutes."

The Twitch streamer checked out xQc's broadcast and when he saw the latter playing several instances of the game in search of the perfect seed, he exclaimed:

"Look, he just f**king died. (xQc dies in-game and starts looking for a new Minecraft seed) Look! He's hacking! Look! Bro... look! Bro, he's hacking! Look! Oh, my gosh. You're caught."

Fans react to Kai Cenat's take

Kai Cenat's take on xQc's rivalry with Forsen attracted plenty of attention in the YouTube's video's comments section. Here's what fans had to say:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's clip (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's clip (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)

While one viewer joked that Cenat was "jealous" of Forsen and xQc's relationship, another community member suggested that the former Overwatch pro would set a new record in 90 days.