“It was absolutely ridiculous” – KristoferYee talks about Sykkuno’s YouTube’s offer

KristoferYee gives some insight into the deal Sykkuno was offered by YouTube (Images via Sykkuno and KristoferYee/Twitter)
KristoferYee gives some insight into the deal Sykkuno was offered by YouTube (Images via Sykkuno and KristoferYee/Twitter)
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Twitch streamer KristoferYee spoke about Thomas "Sykkuno's" latest move from Twitch to YouTube during a recent stream. The Twitch content creator was aware of the details regarding the contractual clauses that Sykkuno was offered from both the livestreaming platforms.

He mentioned that YouTube's offer was way better than that of Twitch, and it wouldn't have made sense for the Las Vegas native to stay on Twitch. According to KristoferYee, Sykkuno's offer was "absolutely ridiculous."

KristoferYee talks about Sykkuno's move from Twitch to YouTube

Sykkuno officially announced that he would be exclusively streaming on YouTube Gaming starting May 3, 2022, after hosting an emotional finale stream on Twitch.

it's been a good run..

The former Twitch streamer's tweet went viral, and fans congratulated him on his move. Many content creators reacted to Sykkuno's shift, and KristoferYee was one of them.

During a recent livestream, Kris spoke about the OfflineTV (OTV) member's move and gave some insight into the situation. Kristofer said:

"I became aware that Sykkuno was going to YouTube. I had heard about the different numbers and what they were being offered and I was like, damn!"

He continued:

"Obviously, I don't want to get into specifics, but Sykkuno, the deal that he was offered from Twitch versus YouTube was f***ing insane."

The Twitch sensation mentioned that YouTube's offer was much better than Twitch's offer. He further stated:

"It made absolutely no sense for him to stay on Twitch. It made none. There was no amount of money, there was no contract deal, there was no gifted subs that could have been given to him that would have justified that contract. None!"

Kristofer then said that Twitch has a lot of faith in its corporate team. He believes that Twitch may be prioritizing profitability at the cost of everything else:

"The thing that I find very confusing is that in the pursuit of Twitch trying to become profitable, they are also losing people on this platform that bring their consumers to the website."

In the end, the Twitch star mentioned that Sykkuno's viewers would not start watching Mizkif to compensate for their favorite streamer's absence from the livestreaming platform. He felt that thousands of Sykkuno viewers would also switch to YouTube.

Fans react to KristoferYee's take on Sykkuno moving from Twitch to YouTube

A reaction thread (regarding Sykkuno's move to YouTube) on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFail attracted more than 220 comments. Some fans were not surprised by the decision.

Fans listed some reasons as to why Sykkuno is an extremely brand-friendly streamer.

There was also a discussion surrounding the potential of both platforms.

Some Redditors speculated on who would be the next streamer to switch from Twitch to YouTube.

Kristofer is a 28-year-old content creator who is known for having extensive knowledge about building computers. He has built custom personal computers for various OfflineTV members such as Fuslie, Lily Pichu, and Yvonne.

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