KSI’s $2.8 million backing of LUNA cryptocurrency loses 97% value in a single day

KSI’s $2.8million backing of LUNA cryptocurrency loses 97% value (Image via- Sportskeeda)
KSI’s $2.8million backing of LUNA cryptocurrency loses 97% value (Image via- Sportskeeda)

UK YouTube sensation KSI's investment into LUNA "stablecoin" recently took a massive dip from being worth $2 million to $1,000 in a single day. The YouTube legend has dabbled in cryptocurrency in the past few years, making enormous investments in multiple stable coins.

However, things haven't all gone smoothly for the boxing sensation lately. As per the recent reports, KSI's insane $2.8 million backing of the LUNA cryptocurrency lost 97% value in a single day following the sudden crash in the market.

KSI reveals the staggering amount of money he lost recently following the collapse in market

In a tweet from his official Cryptocurrency account, the YouTuber revealed the insane amount of money he has lost recently following the crash in the cryptocurrency market.

In just 8 days KSI's investment into LUNA "stablecoin" went from being worth $2.8 million to $1,000I'll stick to investing in my morning coffee

The news came after the the cryptocurrency market suffered an abrupt loss, with Bitcoin falling over 12%. As per the reports, the cryptocurrency has dropped insanely. But, unexpectedly, LUNA suffered a much stronger hit, bringing down KSI's investment to a mere $1,000 in a single day.

I started to really look within myself and asked myself what’s important to me. Family, friends, my legacy and my health. I had been so focused on money that I was slowly destroying the things that were important to me
Like I’m just in such a better place than I was last year. I guess you’ll see in the doc, but I was so lifeless last year.But anyway, I’ve learned a lot during this crypto phase. Was a lost soul before it, and now I’m more focused and happier than ever

Surprisingly, despite such a huge loss, the YouTuber can be seen having an optimistic mindset. The rapper even highlighted the fact that he has earned and lost a lot of money in investments and now nothing really scares him anymore.

As per the YouTuber himself, money isn't everything and he is not bothered by the loss as he has become numb to these situations. Speaking more about his situation in a follow-up tweet, the YouTuber wrote:

"Before crypto, money was a driving force in my mindset. During my time, I made a lot of money, and lost a lot of money. I went from euphoric to depressed. But soon I became numb to it all and realised that money simply isn’t everything."

As expected, this is not the first time KSI has suffered such a massive hit when it comes to cryptocurrency. Way back in January 2021, the boxing, rapping and YouTube sensation revealed that he has lost an insane $5.1 million cryptocurrency due to the drop in the market.

Fans react to the massive loss

As expected, the news reached all corners of the internet within a few hours, drawing quite a few interesting reactions from viewers. While the majority of the comments were pretty supportive, a handful can be seen discussing the destructive consequences of this massive cryptocurrency dip in the market. Here are some of the tweets in regards.

@ksicrypto Thank you for sharing will read this out on my mental health spaces tonight to help people that are having a tough time with the losses. If you would like to come on and talk about it lmk.…
@ksicrypto Emphasis on this ❤️…
@ksicrypto Sorry, but this whole thread is incredibly tone-deaf: lots of your followers have lost lots and lots of money and will never make that back, whereas you have the comfort of already being a multi-millionaire, so you were ALWAYS gonna be fine.
@ksicrypto Yo tbh respect. I troll ya a lot, but you touched something important here. I hope you keep this vibe rolling bro. Much love.
@ksicrypto </3 Brother! You're young as fuck lad! Don't need to stress yourself with having a purpose in life! <3 Just do what you wanna do and what makes you happy <3 Hope you're in a better spot now :)
@ksicrypto Been there. The sting goes away after the next homerun trade. Can’t win big if you don’t bet big. Still degen af, but it’s a move out of my playbook lol
@LachieFowler @ksicrypto What you want to sell when your coins are down 99%💀
@ksicrypto We have all went through this period in one way or another! I believe you are at the next stage where you will research/follow projects that are going to change radically our ways and follow with passion their development! The tech/space is amazing, just don't give up on it!
@ksicrypto Your life and family worth more than 2.8 mil and you can't buy it when you lost them. Enjoy them while you can.For what good will it do a person if he gains the whole world, but forfeits his soul? Or what will a person give in exchange for his soul (Matthew 16:26)?
@ksicrypto KSI i have been in crypto for a long time, i'm going to school studying finance i want to be a financial advisor i love this shit and your story is inspirational bro, you keep us going. ONE LOVE 🖤 (I made this quote btw ima go pin that shit)
@ksicrypto Crypto is really just this. Its a way to realise that money doesn't mean anything, because its the fastest way to lose it and make it ha.
@ksicrypto Good for you KSI. You live and you learn thats how it is. Dont even listen to all the haters. You do you.
@ksicrypto 100% the right way to think about it. Much love KSI. Now please make a bearish tweet.

With this huge cryptocurrency drop, the market has suffered a great loss. Needless to say, it now seems like KSI will think twice before investing such a godly amount in cryptocurrency in the near future.

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