League of Legends team Heretics will acquire Misfit Gaming's LEC slot in the 2023 season

Team Heretics will acquire Misfits Gaming's LEC spot from 2023 season onwards (Image via Riot Games)
Team Heretics will acquire Misfits Gaming's LEC spot from 2023 season onwards (Image via Riot Games)

Misfits Gaming, one of the biggest teams in League of Legends' LEC, has decided to sell its slot at the end of the 2022 season. As such, the slot will be acquired by Team Heretics, who will be replacing Misfits Gaming, and competing within the LEC from the 2023 season onwards.

This is obviously big news as Misfits Gaming is arguably one of the most popular teams within the LEC. The fact that the major team is selling its slot is definitely a surprise, but it will mean that the community gets to see a brand new team compete for the biggest League of Legends tournament in Europe.


However, the question that has now come up is what will happen to the current set of players in the Misfits Gaming squad. Fans will need to wait for some time as Heretics is yet to announce its squad for the 2023 season.

Misfits Gaming's current set of players will become free agents after Team Heretics acquires its League of Legends LEC slot

Misfits Gaming selling its LEC slot means that all the players on the team will now become free agents. This basically means that incredible talents like Vetheo and Neon are now available for grabs by any team, including Team Heretics itself.

It is unclear on whether Team Heretics will bring its own players or simply buy the ones that are currently playing in Misfits Gaming. While there is no doubt that Vetheo and Neon are two of the best League of Legends players in Europe, Heretics will certainly have a head start by acquiring them.

In any case, Misfits Gaming losing its LEC spot will have some other consequences as well. It looks like that the team is going to lose its spot in League of Legends' LFL right after the 2022 season.

.@TeamHeretics is set to acquire @MisfitsggLoL's #LEC slot and will join the LEC at the start of the 2023 season.Read more here:…

Obviously, Misfits will get to compete all the way till the end of the Summer Split as well as League of Legends Worlds 2022, if they manage to qualify for the same. Team Heretics will have no involvement within the LEC until the start of the 2023 season.

It seems that Team Heretics had to go through a rigorous selection process before it was selected for the LEC. There are other top teams like Karmine Corp, who have been trying to be a part of the LEC for some time now.

However, it seems that after the entire selection process, it was the famous LVP Superliga squad, Team Heretics, whom the LEC officials felt was the right choice to be part of this tournament.

@TeamHeretics Welcome to the #LEC!

In any case, Misfits Gaming has played some of the best League of Legends in Europe, and has always been a team that has made life difficult for the likes of G2 Esports or Fnatic. Heretics obviously has a lot of fans, considering it is quite well known in the Spanish community, but they will definitely have big shoes to fill when they replace Misfits Gaming in the LEC.

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