"LETS GO RAE" - Fans react to Valkyrae announcing that she's one of the newest faces of Gymshark

Fans and streamers react to Valkyrae
Fans and streamers react to Valkyrae's newest announcement (Images via Valkyrae/Twitter)

YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell "Valkyrae" took the internet by storm after revealing that she was one of the newest faces of Gymshark. Her announcement was also featured in New York's Times Square.

The streamer posted the update on her main Twitter handle on September 11, and as expected, it went viral. In less than 12 hours of its posting, the announcement garnered well over 93k likes, and more than 1,200 fans were present in the reply section.

Incredibly excited to announce I’m one of the new faces of @Gymshark 😭🎉❤️

YouTube content creator Melly was elated to hear the news and replied:

Fans and streamers react to Valkyrae's latest announcement of being the newest face of Gymshark

Earlier today, Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" hosted an IRL livestream with Leslie "Fuslie," Thomas "Sykkuno," and others.


During the broadcast, streamers gathered in Times Square to see Valkyrae appearing on one of the biggest billboards. Once the announcement was finally revealed, the content creators squealed in happiness, with HasanAbi saying:

"Yo, you look really great in that!"

Fuslie joined the conversation and exclaimed:

"Oh my god! That's huge! You're massive! You're massive! Rae, that's great. That is crazy!"

The conversation thread on Twitter featured several prominent internet personalities reacting to the streamer's announcement:

@Valkyrae @Gymshark Daaaaamn! That's huge, congrats Rae!

Bella Poarch wanted to know how she could "frame" Rachell's moment:

@Valkyrae @Gymshark How do I frame this😍😍😍 CONGRATS RAE!!!!!!

Krtzyy praised the YouTube Gaming star, citing that she is constantly raising the bar for content creators to accomplish more:

@Valkyrae @Gymshark you're constantly raising the bar for creators and doing bigger and bigger things, love to see it!! congrats!!

Gymshark's official Twitter account replied to the streamer's tweet and said:

Esports giant 100 Thieves had the following to say:

@Valkyrae @Gymshark VALKYRAE WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Aside from verified Twitter users, thousands of fans lauded Rachell's latest collaboration. Numerous community members congratulated the former Twitch streamer:

@Valkyrae @Gymshark you’re such an inspiration. so deserved, congrats ❤️
@Valkyrae @Gymshark Yesss!! That’s so cool, congratulations!!! You look so good 🙌
@Valkyrae @Gymshark It’s about time!! Congratulations lady 🎊🎉🍾💪💪💪
@Valkyrae @Gymshark LETS GO RAE!!!!!!

Esports personality and co-founder of Full Squad Gaming, Jake "JakeSucky" Lucky, shared the announcement on his main Twitter handle and stated:

With her new partnership with Gymshark, Valkyrae has instantly hit trending as she’s debuted in New York Time Square!

He stated that the YouTube Gaming star's announcement was so significant that the hashtag #ValkyraeOnTimesSquare was trending on the social media platform:

Some community members pondered aloud what Valkyrae's brand had in common with Gymshark:

@JakeSucky @Valkyrae what does her brand have anything to do with gymwear

A fan replied by saying that the streamer is a known fitness influencer who encourages her fans to hit the gym to work out all the time:

@sqwashy_ @JakeSucky @Valkyrae she promotes fitness and encourages her fans to go to the gym all the time.

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

@Valkyrae @Gymshark Yooooo that’s amazing! Congrats Rae!!!
@Valkyrae @Gymshark Congrats!!! This is so cool!!!
@Valkyrae @Gymshark this is very cool, grats rae :) !!!
@Valkyrae @Gymshark Incredibly dope. Huge congrats Rae!
@Valkyrae @Gymshark I was watching it live on Hasan's stream!! Screenshot from his stream!! Super amazing Rae!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Not all fan reactions were positive, as some community members stated:

@JakeSucky @Valkyrae What has gym shark turned into RIP 😭
@JakeSucky @Valkyrae Who cares? Rich get richer? Mkay. Thanks.

Valkyrae is one of the most prominent figures in the world of streaming. In 2015, she began her online career by broadcasting gaming-related livestreams on Instagram. She then switched to livestreaming on the Amazon-owned platform.

Rachell was among the first prominent content creators to sign an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming in 2020. She continues streaming on the Google-owned livestreaming platform and has more than 3.72 million subscribers.

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