“That was like, really stressful” - Fuslie explains a major reason for switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming

Fuslie reveals some main reasons for switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming (Image via Fuslie/Twitter)
Fuslie reveals some reasons for switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming (Image via Fuslie/Twitter)

Leslie "Fuslie," the newest YouTube Gaming streamer, recently discussed the reasons behind her switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. She disclosed that the former's copyright system and her professional and financial concerns were the primary reasons for her move to YouTube Gaming.

While describing how "terrifying" Twitch's copyright system was, the streamer stated that the constant fear of having her channel at the mercy of DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strikes was stressful. Fuslie commented:

"So I really do hope that everyone else on Twitch, and like, that they figure out that system, and get it to a place where like they can flag it for people, like in live time or whatever it is. Because living in that felt... that was like really stressful. Just on the daily. Just a kind of a stressful thing, not knowing."

Fuslie reveals the primary reasons for switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming

Fuslie was browsing Reddit at the two-hour mark of her September 8 livestream when a clip with copyrighted music began to play. After some viewers warned her, the American personality stated that the DMCA system on YouTube was different from that of Twitch.

She then took the opportunity to talk about how YouTube dealt with copyrighted content:

"So here (YouTube), there's like a dashboard that tells me if it got picked up and everything. Then I have the chance to like... I get warnings. And then like, if I ignore all the warnings, then boom, then I get a DMCA strike."

Fuslie also elaborated on how Twitch worked:

"On Twitch, it's like, 'Hey, two years ago, there was this clip you were listening to Ariana Grande, and you listened to it two times in one day. So that's two strikes on your channel. One more, and we're going to have to permanently take your channel down. By the way, this happened two years ago.' And you're like, 'Huh?!'"

(Timestamp: 02:38:47)

She recalled being one of the most prominent content creators to receive two DMCA warnings on the same account:

"I remember I went live... I went live that day because I think I was probably like, the biggest streamer that actually had like, two warnings from the same... It was like, from... this happened in 2020, I think. I got warnings from 2017. Pretty much saying like you listen to these songs. There's nothing we can do about it"

The streamer talked about her interactions with Twitch executives:

"When I was talking to the Twitch higher-ups like, I was like talking to like, people high up at Twitch. And they were saying, 'Hey, there's nothing we can do to help you.' That freaked me out! I was like, 'Oh, don't worry. I have connections at Twitch. I'll just tell them. Surely they can do something.'"

Fuslie disclosed that Twitch informed her that they were unable to assist her and instructed her to remove all clips that received a DMCA strike:

When I messaged them, they literally gave me the, 'Hey, all we can do is tell you to take down every clip you have. But we don't have a system to remove those clips because we didn't know like, this was going to happen. So we have nothing to protect you. Like in the nicest way possible, we love you, we don't want this. Like you know, but at any moment you could get that, and we do have to take your entire channel down. Permanently.'"

The YouTuber continued the conversation by stating that it was "terrifying" to hear Twitch claim that they had no means to protect her. She compared Twitch's DMCA system to that of YouTube:

"Anyway, so, that system (YouTube's) feels very comforting to me. Especially feeling that feeling of literally almost losing my career in a split second. Waking up to that, going live, and being in all those news articles, saying like, 'Fuslie, you know, two strikes in her channel. Let's see if she loses her entire career!' Like, that? No. That was terrifying."

The discussion came to an end with Fulsie providing another reason for leaving Twitch:

"I knew about my move for a while now. And I remember thinking like, when that first happened to me on Twitch, I was like thinking about... I had a passing thought about those deals, and I was like, 'Dude, if I got a deal, and I was like given financial security, this right here. Boom, boom, boom, big reason.' Just me, fearing for my career like this."

Leslie added:

"I hated sitting on two strikes for like, months, and months, and months. Just sitting on two strikes, not knowing if I'm going to wake up to my third and a perma-ban. Just whatever. I hated that."

Fans react to Fuslie's reasons for switching to YouTube Gaming

Fans in the YouTube comments section were happy to see Fulsie moving to the Google-owned livestreaming platform, with some stating that the streamer could "finally do (song) covers again."

Here are some relevant fan reactions:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's clip (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's clip (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)

After seven years of streaming on Twitch, Fuslie announced her platform transfer earlier this week. On September 8, she hosted her inaugural YouTube Gaming livestream.

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