“It was not a profitable event as whole”- Ludwig reveals how much money he lost after hosting Mogul Money Live

Ludwig discloses the amount he lost producing and hosting Mogul Money Live (Image via The Yard/YouTube)
Ludwig discloses the amount he lost producing and hosting Mogul Money Live (Image via The Yard/YouTube)

YouTube Gaming star Ludwig made an appearance on The Yard podcast alongside Minecraft sensation and YouTuber Karl Jacobs.

During the podcast, Ludwig spoke about several topics, including Jordan Peterson, OTV, and fan interactions. He also revealed the amount of money he lost after hosting Mogul Money Live. The streamer apparently incurred a loss of $150,000 because of the event.

After asking the podcast hosts to guess the amount he lost, the former Twitch streamer stated:

"It was not a profitable event as a whole."

Ludwig claims he lost $150,000 after hosting Mogul Money Live

The YouTube Gaming streamer hosted the much-awaited final episode of Mogul Money earlier this month on July 3, and the special in-person event was a massive hit.

Several prominent Twitch and YouTube streaming influencers like Pokimane, xQc, Sykkuno, Fuslie, Sodapoppin, and ConnorEatsPants participated in the live event.

Ludwig and Karl Jacobs surprised fans by appearing on The Yard's most recent podcast episode. Both content creators shared their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics, and the former eventually brought up the subject of how much Mogul Money Live's production costs. He stated:

"I was going to say, though, so I'm glad that I made all the rich influencers pay for their own drinks because they found out after I talked to Nick Allen... Guess how much in total we lost. Do you know the number?"

While Aiden knew how much money the streamer had lost, Nick was clueless and attempted to take a guess:

"'How much we lost in total on the event.' Um..."

Ludwig then interjected and added some details:

"It did great in views. We had one sponsor, HyperX, and then we had 5k (live audience). I think you know (pointing at Karl Jacobs), I think I said yesterday."

Nick asked a question before providing a number:

"So you're saying lost... Are you saying, you're saying like, we made off of the..."

(Timestamp: 00:44:53)

After Ludwig confirmed that the event was not profitable on the whole, Nick continued:

"Okay, but you're counting our revenue? The number. I think we lost 250k."

The Los Angeles native scoffed and stated:

"Well, that would be f***ing terrifying. Karl, one quick guess?"

Karl then revealed the amount Ludwig had lost after hosting the event:

"Like a $150k."

The conversation about the event then came to an end, and the group moved on to other topics.

Fans react to the streamer losing $150k after hosting Mogul Money Live

The YouTuber's short clip was posted on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and more than 50 fans commented on the thread. Redditors speculated on the amount the streamer would've made from the live event:

Some fans mentioned that the content creator should've rented a movie theater and set up a stage in front of the screen:

Here are some of the other relevant fan reactions:

Ludwig is one of the most influential figures in the streaming world. He is known for popularizing subathon-style streams. He also won the prestigious Streamer of the Year award at the Streamer Awards 2022, which was hosted by Blaire "QTCinderella."