“Here is the biggest YouTube W of the year” -  Ludwig commends the platform for banning ItsOwen for clickbaiting Technoblade’s death

Ludwig provides his take on ItsOwen clickbaiting Technoblade's death (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ludwig provides his take on ItsOwen clickbaiting Technoblade's death (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig reacted to infamous YouTube clickbaiter ItsOwen getting permanently suspended from the platform and provided his thoughts on the situation.

The streamer read out some of the now-deleted tweets made by ItsOwen on Twitter, in which he pleaded with YouTube staff to lift the suspension. The platform responded by stating that the permanent ban was warranted.

At the 3:28 minute mark, Ludwig applauded the YouTube staff's efforts and claimed:

"And then here is the biggest YouTube W of the year. Any updates? 'Update: We've reviewed your account and confirmed that your channel was correctly suspended due to explicit content. Note, you will not be able to access or create any other YouTube accounts,' and then he (ItsOwen) deleted every single tweet he made."

Ludwig provides his take on ItsOwen clickbaiting Technoblade's demise

The controversy surrounding British YouTuber ItsOwen started a few days back when Twitter user iJevin made a post highlighting Owen's latest video, which blatantly clickbaited YouTube legend Alex "Technoblade's" death.

It was later revealed that ItsOwen's channel was permanently suspended from the Google-owned video-sharing platform.

Ludwig uploaded a new video to his alternate channel Mogul Mail titled "The Worst Channel on YouTube is gone." He started the video by talking about the tweet made by iJevin and showcased more fake channels that continue to upload videos by clickbaiting Techno's death.

As the six-minute-long video progressed, Ludwig reacted to the conversation that ItsOwen had with YouTube staff on Twitter.

After reading out the messages posted by both parties, the 27-year-old content creator commended the platform's staff for taking strict action against ItsOwen's antics.

At the 3:40 minute mark, Ludwig revealed that ItsOwen has made a new channel on YouTube:

"But it's f***ing hype that YouTube made that call and this is where we can a little positive change, because he did exactly what he wasn't supposed to do and he made a brand new YouTube account."

As the video came to a close, the Mogul Money Live host paid respects to Technoblade and shared a tweet he made on July 1, following the latter's death. He said this at the 5:20 minute mark:

"He's one of the wittiest and one of the most humble people and one of the things that I think is the sickest about him that I didn't get to share in this tweet is I remember one time on stream I was talking to Techno about how I used to be called Zany's sidekick and my original Xbox name was Luddy031."

Ludwig then spoke about a prior conversation he had with Technoblade:

"And he said to me, he was like, 'You should just make your YouTube channel, to remember you as a kid, like, you know, memorialize your past kid self,' and I was like, 'Isn't that bad for SEO?,' the nerdy, grindy YouTube b**tch that I am, and he was like, 'Ah, who cares' type."

Fans react to the streamer's address

The YouTube comment section was bustling with fans' replies, and viewers were delighted to hear that Owen got banned from YouTube.

Here are some of the most relevant fan reactions:

Fans discussing ItsOwen's shenanigans (Image via Mogul Mail/YouTube)
Fans discussing ItsOwen's shenanigans (Image via Mogul Mail/YouTube)

For some context, ItsOwen is a controversial YouTuber who is infamous for clickbaiting videos and self-promoting himself in the comment sections of various small and budding YouTube content creators.

Before getting suspended, he had more than 3.5 million subscribers with 27 million channel views.