“Nice third eye” - YouTube Gaming chat ruthlessly roasts Ludwig’s forehead pimple

Fans roast Ludwig's pimple (Image via Ludwin Clips/YouTube)
Fans roast Ludwig's pimple (Image via Ludwin Clips/YouTube)

YouTube Gaming sensation Ludwig was ruthlessly trolled and roasted by his fans present in the chat room during a recent livestream.

The streamer had a rather visibly large pimple on his forehead, which resulted in his viewers making fun of it. Ludwig asked his fans to "get it all out" in one go so that he could continue with his gaming stream without needing to read more of the jestful comments.

One of the roasts that the streamer read out from a fan's comment was:

"Nice third eye. Okay. It's not that big or center, not that that matters."

Ludwig gets roasted by his YouTube Gaming chat

The Los Angeles native returned to hosting his regular desktop streams after taking a week-long break. Last week, he revealed that he was out of content ideas and stated that a small hiatus would refresh him.


After going live on stream earlier today, Ahgren noticed some fan reactions commenting on a pimple on his forehead. A series of comments elicited the following reaction from the YouTuber:

"Okay, can we agree to have a bit of decorum in this building and not say, 'Oh, pimple boy!' like, obviously that's not okay, obviously. Don't need to say that, you knew that. Don't want to harp on it too long, just, you know? From here on out, we'll, we'll have a little bit of decorum."

Fans in his chat room did not understand the gist of the statement, and the content creator added:

"Yeah, yeah, I'm talking about the pimple on my forehead, yeah."

Some viewers sympathized with the streamer and stated that some of the fan reactions were really mean. Ludwig thanked a viewer named Abby and agreed with their sentiments.

However, the sympathy did not last long, and several fans began ruthlessly roasting the former Twitch streamer. He read out some of the jest-filled comments and mentioned:

"Sniper, get down. Right. Sure, okay. Oh, um, no, I get it. Seems... seems great."

Ludwig asked his chat members to go all out with the roasts so that he could start with his desk-based gaming livestream:

"Well, let's get the giggles out now. Let's get them out now so we can commence the stream. You know, the first desktop stream in like a week. Go, go ahead! Go ahead, hit me with your best shot right now."

He opened the YouTube Gaming Live chat on stream and began reading some of the comments that caught his eye:

"Hit me with everything you got right now and we'll get them out of the way. All your good one-liners because I have a pimple, okay? Where's your CeraVe now? Great brand activation, okay."

The minute-long clip concluded when a viewer called the pimple a third eye on his forehead.

Fans react to YouTube Gaming chat room roasting Ludwig's pimple

More than a dozen fans were present in the YouTube comments section, and some of the more relevant reactions were along these lines:

Fans reacting to YouTube Gaming chat roasting the streamer 1/2 (Ludwin Clips/YouTube)
Fans reacting to YouTube Gaming chat roasting the streamer 1/2 (Ludwin Clips/YouTube)
Fans reacting to YouTube Gaming chat roasting the streamer 2/2 (Ludwin Clips/YouTube)
Fans reacting to YouTube Gaming chat roasting the streamer 2/2 (Ludwin Clips/YouTube)

Ludwig is one of the most prominent figures in the streaming community who is known for dethroning Tyler "Ninja" as the most subscribed Twitch streamer after hosting a month-long subathon back in 2021. He currently has more than 3.1 million subscribers with 767 million channel views on his main YouTube channel.