“I don’t think I could ever punch him”- Ludwig shares his opinions on boxing Sykkuno

Ludwig feels Sykkuno would destroy him in the boxing ring (Images via LudwigAhgren and Sykkuno//Twitter)
Ludwig feels Sykkuno would destroy him in the boxing ring (Images via LudwigAhgren and Sykkuno//Twitter)
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YouTube Gaming star Ludwig took some inspiration from Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" and made his version of the streamer tier list earlier today, ranking content creators based on who would win a boxing match against him.

After ranking several Twitch and YouTube figures, the content creator had to rank Sykkuno on the list and spent some time talking about how the Las Vegas native would fare against him in the boxing ring:

"I don't think I could fight him. I don't think I could ever punch him."

Ludwig thinks Sykkuno could easily beat him in a boxing match


It seems like making tier lists is back in the meta as the YouTube Gaming sensation made a streamer tier list similar to xQc's list but with a twist.

Instead of ranking the streamers based on their streaming content, the Los Angeles native decided to rank streamers and content creators on the likelihood of them winning a boxing match against him.

Ahgren placed influencers like Tyler1, Will Neff, EsfandTV, and Nickmercs in the "They Would Destroy Me" category. Ludwig then placed Sykkuno in the same category and said:

"Sykkuno... objectively, by all measures of fighting, I should be able to physically kill Sykkuno in a ring. Speaking freely, he cannot fight. He has never worked out. I am strong."

However, he soon backtracked from his initial statements and went on to say that he would be unable to fight Sykkuno in the ring.

The 26-year-old gamer provided a rationale for his position and speculated that Sykkuno would likely come prepared for the boxing match and end up destroying him:

"I also feel like there's this possibility, and just hear me out, you know how Sykkuno does this thing where I'll play a game with him and all of a sudden, even though he's never played that game before, he'll show up and be better than me at that game, he would do the same thing with boxing."

He then impersonated Sykkuno:

"Like, I would be like, 'Hey Sykkuno, want to box?', and he'd be like, 'Oh yeah, uh, sure, a little bit. That sounds... it's kind of crazy. It sounds pretty fun though.' And then we box, and then he'd show up maybe like prepared two days in advance and all of a sudden, he's like, f***ing ripped, and he's like, 'Oh, hey, Ludwig, I just um, yeah, I just did a bit of practice before the fight, I thought it'd be more fun! Um, did you practice?'"

The speculative storytelling came to an end when the former Twitch streamer mentioned that he would get bashed up by Sykkuno. He placed the GTA 5 RP gamer in the "50/50" category, joking that they would either fight or get married.

Fans react to the streamer's opinions on Sykkuno

Fans in the YouTube comment section really loved how close Ludwig and Sykkuno have become in recent times. Some of the relevant fan reactions went along these lines:

Fans react to the streamer's take (Images via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans react to the streamer's take (Images via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)

Ludwig was previously an influential figure on Twitch and popularized the subathon-style of streams. The content creator became one of the biggest streamers on YouTube Gaming after he surprised the streaming community by switching platforms earlier this year.

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