β€œIt’s overkill!”: Ludwig talks about Club Penguin Rewritten getting shut down

Ludwig expresses his opinions regarding the recent Club Penguin Rewritten shut down (Image via Mogul Mail/YouTube)
Ludwig expresses his opinions regarding the recent Club Penguin Rewritten shut down (Image via Mogul Mail/YouTube)
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Former Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren uploaded a five-minute-long video where he expressed his thoughts and opinions regarding the recent shut down of Club Penguin Rewritten.

Speaking about the closure of the fan-made version of the original game Club Penguin, Ludwig thought that the shut down of Club Penguin Rewritten was an overreaction from Disney's side. Providing his stance about the game going permanently offline, the prominent YouTuber said:

"It's not for a children's game! It's overkill! But they've taken it (Club Penguin Rewritten) down."

Ludwig talks about why he thinks Club Penguin Rewritten getting shut down is overkill


In the five-minute-long video, the YouTube Gaming content creator started off by saying how he got into the fun world of MMORPGs and stopped playing them after a while.

After losing a bet to a fellow Twitch streamer Jerma985, Ludwig was forced to play an old-school MMORPG called Toontown Online. He then compared Toontown Online's eventual downfall to that of Club Penguin's.

Expressing his agitation about Club Penguin Rewritten servers being taken down, the Los Angeles native said:

"But today, they (Club Penguin Rewritten servers) were taken down by big Mickey Mouse. Take a look."

He pulled out the website's current state, which had the following text etched onto it:

"This site has been taken over by Operation Creative, Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)"

Speaking further about this, the streamer said:

"Take a look, this is the new page if you go to the Club Penguin Rewritten website."

He reiterated the text, which is now ever-present on the website. Expressing his anger over the subject, Ludwig said:

"This is what happens when there's a drug bust! When you find the biggest ketamine dealer in London and bust down their doors and find drawers full of kitchen knives and in Tesco's meal deals in the likes of it.

Considering some possible theories surrounding the fan-made spinoff's shut down, Ludwig said:

"The first one is because the Club Penguin Rewritten staff were making money off the website. They had some ads running on as you can see Adobe here; there's one on the left here for PayPal and they bought an ad for Nvidia, even a Sony ad here. So, they were making money so maybe Disney was mad that people were making money."

He continued on the subject by providing a second theory, which had a darker tone than the first. According to him, Club Penguin Rewritten was not the only fan-made version of the original game.

Another remake of the game, called Club Penguin Online, had been trending in the past and was aimed at serving a more modern audience.

The YouTuber spoke more about this by saying:

"But they went a little far with it. They (Club Penguin Online) removed all the filters so you could say any homophobic or racist slur you wanted to. It was riddled with controversy."

After mentioning two different theories surrounding the shut down of this fan-made spinoff, Ludwig suggested that Club Penguin Rewritten might make a comeback in the near future.

Fans react to Ludwig's address

Audiences in the YouTube comment section of the video agreed with the streamer's sentiments about the iconic game. They also agreed with his first theory surrounding the ad revenue generated by the website.

Fans reacting to the streamer's take (Images via Mogul Mail/YouTube)
Fans reacting to the streamer's take (Images via Mogul Mail/YouTube)

Some background information regarding Club Penguin Rewritten

Club Penguin was one of the biggest MMORPGs of its time when it was released in October 2005. Due to its massive popularity, Disney ended up buying out the developers of the game, New Horizon Interactive, in 2007.

Fast-forward to January 2017, Disney announced that they would be killing off active servers for the game, which resulted in fans rallying themselves to create a spin-off version of the game called Club Penguin Rewritten.

On April 13, 2022, Disney issued a cease against the fan-made game's operations, which led to its complete shut down. Many fans of the game were disheartened to hear about this tragic issue, and former Twitch streamer Ludwig happened to be one of them.

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