Mitch Jones confirms Mizkif sent him and Maya Higa to downplay sexual assault allegations against CrazySlick

Mitch Jones went live to address his involvement in covering up CrazySlick
Mitch Jones went live to address his involvement in covering up CrazySlick's alleged sexual assault of Adrianah Lee (Image via Twitter)

On September 22, Twitch streamer Mitch Jones went live on stream for the first time since July of this year. The Austin, Texas-based content creator returned to address his role in an ongoing controversy that may go down as the year's biggest scandal on Twitch.

OTK co-founder Matthew "Mizkif" stands accused of covering up an act of sexual assault that was allegedly committed by his friend and roommate CrazySlick. The latter reportedly groped streamer AdrianahLee while she was unconscious at a party in 2020.

In a bombshell tweet by streamer Tyler "Trainwreck," he claimed that Mizkif orchestrated a cover-up of the incident, directing Mitch as well as ex-girlfriend Maya Higa to go to AdrianahLee's house to downplay the severity of the situation. However, he stopped short of sharing any specific details regarding what had happened. Now, Mitch has come forward with more details.

Mitch Jones claims Mizkif sent Maya and him to downplay the sexual assault of Adrianah Lee by CrazySlick. A huge claim which needs explaining.The problem here is when Mitch then "clarifies" what Mizkif instructed them, he's not clear at all where the alleged downplaying was

Mitch Jones confirms Mizkif orchestrated cover-up

The Twitch streamer and musician went live for the first time in two months to share his side of what has become the biggest ongoing story in the streaming world. His explanations took the form of a Q&A session with a second party brought in to ask the questions that were on his viewers' minds.

One key question that came up was whether OTK co-founder Mizkif instructed Mitch and Maya Higa to lower the severity of a sexual assault that had been committed by streamer CrazySlick.

When asked, Mitch Jones said that he and Maya were directed by Mizkif to visit AdrianahLee at her home to downplay the situation, attempting to convince her that CrazySlick's actions didn't qualify as sexual assault.

Mitch Jones went a bit further, saying he wished to clarify what Mizkif's exact directions were. The latter had specifically asked Maya to talk to Adrianah, instructing her to use her status as a popular female Twitch streamer to convince Adrianah that CrazySlick's actions weren't that serious. Here's what Mitch said:

"The exact words that were said were like, 'Maya, you are Maya Higa. You know who you are. You're a woman. She will listen to you.'"

The streamer then shared what Mizkif had told him. Although he was asked to visit Adrianah's house, along with Maya, the OTK co-founder seemed to believe it would be better if he let her handle the talking. Mitch explained:

"He looked at me, and he was like, 'Mitch, you should shut the f*** up and not say a goddamn thing.' That was that."

Although Mitch Jones did confirm a key piece of this story, whether Mizkif directed the cover-up, he didn't share any further details about what the alleged downplaying entailed. Esports journalist Jake Lucky was critical of Mitch Jones' decision not to have others close to the situation involved in the conversation, saying the session essentially boiled down to meaningless conjecture.

I'm NOT saying Mizkif or Maya are innocent here, certainly they should've handled this situation way better and could be guilty. But to not have Adrianah or Maya present in the discussions meant we had to listen to Mitch and near pointless speculation on what happened that night

A few more key details revealed on Mitch's stream included Maya "heavily gaslighting" Adrianah, as well as her having difficulty directly calling CrazySlick's actions "sexual assault" at the time. Although some new information could be gleaned from Mitch's stream, there are still plenty of key details missing.

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