Mizkif spends $9,500 on a Warcraft movie sword during a live auction

Mizkif now owns King Llane's sword which was featured in the Warcraft (2016) movie (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mizkif now owns King Llane's sword which was featured in the Warcraft (2016) movie (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch star Matthew "Mizkif" decided to splurge some money by bidding on an iconic movie prop during a live auction on his stream.

The streamer spent a lot of time on the website Propstore Auction, which enables die-hard movie fans to buy props that were used by actors in various fan-favorite movies.

Mizkif decided to bid on a sword that featured a Warcraft. After getting outbid for a second, the Twitch streamer managed to snag the movie prop after spending a whopping amount of $9,500.

Mizkif spends $9,500 on King Llane's sword from Warcraft (2016) movie

The One True King co-founder spiced up his recent broadcast by showcasing his bidding skills. After spending some time reacting to trending posts on the internet, the Twitch content creator decided to bid on some of the most exclusive movie props on the website Propstore Auction.

At the five-hour mark of his stream, Miz was elated to see King Llane's sword from the Warcraft movie pop up on the storefront and started jumping around.

The bidding for the prop started at $6,000 and the streamer instantly got outbid. Following some back-and-forth amongst the streamer and other bidders, Mizkif finally came ahead as he bid $7,500 on the item.

A competitor increased the stake by setting the price at $8,000 and the streamer decided to add in an extra $500, making the cumulative value $8,500. The streamer's reaction was:

"F**k! I'm not going any higher, told (unrecognizable) not to go any higher. Hold, please, please!"

Timestamp: 05:22:06

A few seconds later, the prop reached its final value set by the Austin, Texas native and he ended up winning the sword after spending $9,500. The World of Warcraft gamer celebrated after the auction for King Llane's sword ended:

"Yeah, woo! Saved 500 bucks! Woo! Yes, I got King Llane' sword! Yeah, baby! Woo! Let's go! Yeah, we bought that, that was 500 bucks... Nice, that was the f***ing sword, ladies and gentlemen that we were wanting. That's what I'm f***ing talking about baby! That's what I'm f***ing talking about."

As the celebration continued, the Twitch content creator mentioned how he had been waiting for this particular sword to come in for several hours and also stated that he wouldn't have bought the sword if it reached the $10,000 mark.

Fans react to the streamer spending $9,500 on livestream

As expected, the streamer's clip was present on r/LivestreamFail and some Redditors confirmed that Mizkif had to pay $12,500 as a buyer's premium.

Fans wanted to know more about the Warcraft movie.

Mizkif is an avid fan of the Warcraft universe as he has played and streamed WoW for more than 390 hours on his Twitch channel. Aside from the MMORPG, he has clocked in a few hours in other Blizzard Entertainment titles like Warcraft III.

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