Modern Warfare 2 new campaign clip reveals iconic sniper rifle and AC-130 gunship

Modern Warfare 2 new clip reveals MSR and AC-130 (Image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2's new clip revealed the MSR and the AC-130 (Image via Activision)

A new Modern Warfare 2 clip has been doing rounds on the internet. The 15-second video from the campaign is currently playing as an ad on Instagram and Facebook.

It features one of the most iconic sniper rifles in the game — MSR — and the classic Call of Duty gunship, the AC-130.


Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming game that will mark the beginning of the next generation of Call of Duty. After the massive success of Modern Warfare (2019), a sequel to the reboot was imminent.

This next installment in the series is the most advanced Call of Duty game to date.

As fans wait for the title's launch, they find themselves amongst various leaks and official intel drops by the developers. All this info has dropped hints about what the final game would be like, and fans' excitement levels have shot through the roof.

New Modern Warfare 2 clip reveals important details

Iconic Call of Duty sniper rifle, MSR

As seen in the clip, Soap MacTavish seems to have the MSR equipped as he gets out of the vehicle. Similarly, in the first half of the clip, he and Ghost seem to be rushing to get into cover with the same sniper rifle in their hands.

The MSR in the Modern Warfare 2 clip (Image via Activision)
The MSR in the Modern Warfare 2 clip (Image via Activision)

The MSR is a sniper rifle featured initially in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It was one of the title's top two choices for sniper users, alongside the L118A.

The sniper rifle's hard-hitting capabilities set it apart from its counterpart. It dealt more damage than the L118A and had a bigger scope, allowing players to see more.

Return of AC-130

AC-130 gunship in the Modern Warfare 2 clip (Image via Activision)
AC-130 gunship in the Modern Warfare 2 clip (Image via Activision)

In the second half of the clip, Soap seems to be signaling in the air for the AC-130. The responder in the AC-130 warns of a 'danger close' situation as he drops missiles on a farmhouse.

A similar mission was featured in the original Modern Warfare (Call of Duty 4) campaign, where the AC-130 was responsible for providing firepower and cover to Captain Price and his team as they were trying to escape enemy territory.

Modern Warfare 2 is just around the corner. It will feature the most immersive campaign the series has ever seen. With graphical upgrades and new audio technology implementation, this game is set to be the beginning of the truly next generation of Call of Duty.

Players now await the Call of Duty Next event to learn more about the highly-anticipated title.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled to launch this October 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One.

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