Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 latest update brings changes to camo menu & proximity chat, fixes dev error, and more

The latest update fixes many frustrating bugs (Image via Activision)
The latest update fixes many frustrating bugs (Image via Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 and Warzone 2 have received their first update since launch. It addresses many bugs and glitches while bringing in some welcome changes.

The 1.11 update was released on November 22, 2022, on all platforms. It is approximately 700MB in size. Unfortunately, it has also brought in a bug that freezes players on the "fetching data" screen. Right now, an unofficial fix for this problem is to restart the game once.

Modern Warfare 2 update 1.11 tweaks various aspects of the game

The 1.11 update affects Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Although it is comparatively small, it fixes some frustrating bugs and glitches with minor tweaks in the UI and gameplay.


Feature to navigate camos (Image via Activision)
Feature to navigate camos (Image via Activision)

A new "Show Locked Camos" toggle has been added to the weapon camo menu, making it much easier to find the weapon camo that the player wants to equip.

Previously, players would have to scroll through all the camos to find the one they needed. Now, all the locked camos can be filtered out. Moreover, those who play with controllers can also use bumpers to navigate between categories.

The audio notification that notifies players fighting in the gulag that the jailer has entered has been increased in volume, making it more prevalent when the armored AI enters the area.


Armored Piercing Ammunition rounds in Modern Warfare 2 previously had a bug that increased their damage multiplier against armored opponents.

The damage multiplier has now been removed. Armored Piercing Rounds are meant to damage vehicles and killstreaks faster, not the armor that enemies are equipped with.


Counter UAV and Tactical Camera have been removed from the Buy Station inventory and cannot be purchased anymore during a game of Warzone 2.

The contract activation phone in Warzone 2 has undergone a visual upgrade.

Bug Fixes


On Windows, some players were unable to launch Modern Warfare 2 due to a GPU compatibility issue, which has now been fixed. An issue on the same platform that caused Focused Mode to crash the game while it was running in Windowed display mode has also been addressed.

On PlayStation, an issue that caused players to not see Sony profile usernames has been fixed. The update also fixed an error that caused the PS Store icon to remain stuck on the screen after a network error.

An issue that caused the Modern Warfare 2 client to crash when players deployed their parachutes has been fixed. Additionally, the proximity chat has been improved, and players should now hear enemies around them more consistently.

Warzone and DMZ

The 1.11 update has brought in a plethora of bug fixes. The most prevalent one is an issue that caused lobby-wide microphone input during matchmaking, which has now been fixed. The "Failed to Connect to Datacenters" error has also been fixed. It caused many players to erratically disconnect from the game.

Audio occlusion and directional audio have been improved. Players should now see an improvement in hearing enemies' footsteps sounds, which were virtually nonexistent before this update.

Another bug that caused a dead player's backpack to disappear from the ground if they disconnected from the game has been fixed. The "After Action Report" will appear correctly after the update. It sometimes never appeared after completing a game of Battle Royale.

A frustrating bug that caused players to skip the downed phase and die immediately after returning from the gulag has now been fixed. The update has also fixed a rare bug that prevented players from jumping out of the plane during the start of a Battle Royale game. Various exploits which allowed players to peek and shoot through elements across Al Mazrah have all been fixed.


The update has fixed an issue that caused the Spotter Scope in Modern Warfare 2 to continuously highlight enemy positions. Moreover, the "Dev error" glitch during private matches has been addressed, and Infinity Ward is continually working to improve stability.

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