Call of Duty fans have started Uber service in Warzone 2 using proximity chat

Fans giving free Uber rides in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)
Fans giving free Uber rides in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's newest proximity chat feature allows players to communicate as long as they're close to each other. This is a highly anticipated feature that opens up several pathways within the game to achieve an objective. Be it for trash talk or for teaming up with enemies to fight the Jailer in the Gulag, the proximity chat is being used in many different ways by fans.

As many players experimented with this feature, a few of them found creative ways to take advantage of it. Gamers are now running cab services in Warzone 2's Al Mazrah, carrying players from one location to the other. A clip surfaced on Reddit, where u/crescendummain shared his experience of offering free rides to random passengers.

Creative player provides free Uber cab rides to players in Warzone 2

Redditor u/crescendummain recently posted a two-minute video clip of them giving random enemy players free rides on the Al Mazrah map. He used the proximity chat feature to alert nearby enemies of his free Uber cab service.

Instead of attacking this solo player, the enemies decided to hop into the vehicle and take a ride to their destination. Interestingly, all the players involved were extremely cooperative and displayed a sense of camaraderie.

The journey began right in the heart of Al Mazrah City, where u/crescendummain picked up four passengers and drove them to Rohan Oil. Although they accepted the 'cab driver's' offer, they constantly asked if it was a setup. In response, u/crescendummain confirmed that there were no plans to eliminate them as he was simply providing a free cab service to random Warzone 2 players.

Apparently, u/crescendummain doesn't do it for money, but for a 'five-star review.' Furthermore, he always takes players along steady roadways instead of driving over uneven terrain.

Another Redditor (u/SourCreamWater) commented on the same post, mentioning how they met the 'cab driver' in a Warzone 2 match the previous night. Although they were initially suspicious, they confirmed that their squad was safely dropped off at the location they wanted.

The entire Reddit thread congratulated all the gamers involved in the clip and praised them for being friendly. It isn't normal in a Call of Duty game for users to be so trusting of each other, especially in a Battle Royale game, where the last man standing wins.

In response to this post, u/ManchuWarrior25 commented that they hardly ran into situations like this. According to them, every player in the game is highly competitive and only cares about winning by any means necessary. It was truly a rare instance where five players got together and decided to trust each other.

Seeing random people being nice to each other in a shooter title where killing everyone and being the last one alive is the goal, made u/Dreycoh comment by stating that instances like these are what gives them hope about humanity.

This kind of entertaining content wouldn't have been possible without the proximity chat feature in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Moments like these truly inspire gamers to create a strong, positive, and healthy community.

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