MrBeast replies to S8UL founder Thug's tweet about potential collab in India

Twitter went berserk after MrBeast replied to S8UL founder Thug's tweet (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitter went berserk after MrBeast replied to S8UL founder Thug's tweet (Image via Sportskeeda)

In an unexpected turn of events, YouTube legend Jimmy "MrBeast" seemingly hinted at a potential collaboration in India by responding to a tweet by S8UL founder Animesh "Thug." The surprising interaction left Indian BGMI fans in disbelief.

The conversation started with Thug tweeting at MrBeast, suggesting that the latter should plan a video in India. He also stated that the subcontinent has an "insane audience."

@MrBeast should plan a Video here in India. The creator community is huge here with Insane audience ! It could turn up as the most viewed video for sure ! 🀝

Jimmy responded to Thug's proposition a few hours later, saying he was "down" for it. He continued by asking who he should collaborate with from the Indian streaming and gaming community:

@8bit_thug I’m down, who should I collab with? πŸ€”

The unexpected conversation gained much attention on the social media platform, with hundreds of fans posting their reactions.

MrBeast hints at making video with Indian content creators, fans go into frenzy

Earlier this year, the American star revealed he was looking to "mix things up a bit" as he wanted to collaborate with people outside the United States. In the now-deleted tweet, Jimmy said:

"We are looking for more subscribers outside the US to be in videos! Just submit some basic info here and there is a chance we call on you when we need people for a shoot."

Fast forward to August 18, and the philanthropist surprised the Indian online community by hinting at a potential collaboration in India. S8UL Esports was up and ready to help out the YouTuber and replied:

@MrBeast @8bit_thug Ready to help you with you might need ! Lets do this ! 🀝

One popular user provided a list of Indian content creators with whom Jimmy may collaborate:

@MrBeast @8bit_thug Mortal, Techno (Ujjwal), Trigger Insaan, scout, jonny

Thug posted another update, stating that the potential venture could be discussed privately. He also mentioned that the effort could be made as big as possible, as he could lead the entire pool of Indian content creators:

@MrBeast Could be discussed on mail/dms ! Could make this as big as possible with the entire pool of creators. I could lead this for you easily locally πŸš€ P.S :We are nominated as content team of the year with 50+ creators and can connect you with 100+ others easily for execution.

Naman "MortaL" was looking forward to the S8UL Esports x MrBeast collab:

Global Esports founder Rushindra Sinha suggested that Jimmy could get in touch with Global Esports India alongside S8UL Esports:

@MrBeast @8bit_thug Between @GlobalEsportsIn and @S8ulesports we got you covered @MrBeast πŸ˜… Anyone from your team can slide into mine or @8bit_thug’s DMs and we can take it from there πŸ₯°

Hawknest, the content creator for Tribe Gaming, claimed that a massive collaboration with Indian content creators would be "internet breaking":

@MrBeast @8bit_thug Lots of great creators in @S8ulesports, getting a massive collab with a bunch of Indian creators would be internet breaking though!

Some fans stated that Ajey "CarryMinati" would be another option to consider:

@MrBeast @8bit_thug No doubt only one CARRY MINATI @CarryMinati
@MrBeast @8bit_thug @CarryMinati everyone forgetting him comeon guys we are talking about ccs here not Esport players

A community member provided insights into the esports scenario in the country and said:

@MrBeast @8bit_thug eSports is huge in india , especially Pubg mobile / battlegrounds mobile india , collabing with an eSports org or hosting some kind of tournament with a massive prize pool is definitely the way to go. Something like real life pubg tournament with all teams with a prizepool.
@MrBeast @8bit_thug Real life battlegrounds with the biggest esports teams like s8ul , godlike , tsm etc etc with an actual prizepool .might be good cause the indian audience absolutely love battlegrounds and there e-sports teams and creators ....
@MrBeast @8bit_thug Also this might become a chance for the indian esports teams or creators to resolve there conflicts beacuse the whole esports scene is very divided .

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

@MrBeast @8bit_thug πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή love from INDIACollab with the man himself asked u @8bit_thug or best ORG in INDIA (for me ❣️) @S8ulesports
@MrBeast @8bit_thug What can you expect better than @S8ulesports here in India 😍 waiting for the collab
@MrBeast @8bit_thug If you talk about content in India then there's no other name better than S8UL eSports @S8ulesports and @8bit_thug will bring some more good creator's of India from every organisation for you and this collaboration will shock the whole internet for sure @MrBeast
@MrBeast @8bit_thug i'll prefer mrbeast to collab with big creators eg : @CarryMinati @ashchanchlani and @Bhuvan_Bam because not everyone knows esports-related athletes and content creators . above tagged creators have large audience which would be helpful for both the sides

MrBeast has been presented with several Indian content creators with whom he may collaborate, but his preferred choice is yet to be determined.

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