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New Fortnite "Pickaxe Frenzy" glitch lets players earn 75,000 XP instantly

Fortnite's 5th Season includes a lot of new skins, weapons and a few LTMs for players to experience (Image via Epic Games)
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 20:03 IST

It looks like Fortnite is riddled with glitches which help players earn extra XP without investing too much effort.

There have been a few glitches in the past which users have exploited to gain XP, and now, players have spotted another one in the exact same vein.

The "Pickaxe Frenzy" glitch in Fortnite

"Pickaxe Frenzy" is a limited time mode in Fortnite, where players are forced to use nothing but their pickaxes to eliminate players. No weapons are available, and the harvesting tool is the only weapon players have at their disposal.

It was in this mode that OrangeGuy, a YouTuber, discovered a small glitch which works only once in Fortnite.

To exploit this glitch in the "Pickaxe Frenzy" LTM in Fortnite, players need to land near a campfire spawn. Since the campfires don't light up in this game mode, players can continuously use the campfires till their challenge is complete. Completing this challenge grants players an easy 75,000 XP.


This isn't the only glitch that players have exploited in Fortnite. Earlier, another glitch was spotted, where players could gain around 8,000 XP by just going around in circles at a particular spot on the Fortnite island.

Although these glitches get patched out pretty soon after they're discovered, it isn't really known if this one have been patched out yet. However, these glitches aren't detrimental to the game.

They don't give players the upper hand over others in a round of the battle royale. They just aid in the form of an XP boost, which isn't really harmful in a game like Fortnite.

Published 23 Dec 2020, 20:03 IST
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