"Nice system" - HasanAbi slams TikTok after getting permanently banned on the video-sharing platform

HasanAbi called out TikTok for banning his account after getting "mass reported" (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi called out TikTok for banning his account after getting "mass reported" (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch sensation Hasan "HasanAbi" took to Twitter on January 17, 2023, to reveal that he had been permanently banned from TikTok.

The Turkish-American personality claimed that every time one of his videos goes viral, he gets "mass reported" and banned. He slammed the short-form video-sharing platform, saying:

"Everytime a TikTok of mine goes viral, I get mass reported and permanently banned. Nice system."

HasanAbi shares his thoughts on TikTok permanently banning his account, calls the situation "insane"

HasanAbi was watching a video featuring Martin Luther King Jr. during a Just Chatting livestream on January 17, 2023, when he revealed that he was permanently banned from TikTok.

The streamer claimed that his account gets "automatically mass reported" whenever one of his videos goes viral on the platform:

"I'm so f***ing mad! This is unrelated to the MLK situation. But of course, once again, my TikTok is f***ing banned, dude! Any time a TikTok goes f***ing viral, any time a TikTok of mine goes viral, it gets automatically mass reported and I get f***ing permabanned. Every single time, dude! How?!"

He called the situation "insane" and added:

"It's insane, dude! It's f***ing insane! Every single time! Like, without fail, I hate it so much!"

Timestamp: 02:46:35

After reading a few comments by Twitch users, the political commentator asserted that he was barred from the platform after receiving mass reports:

"No, none of that s**t matters, you dummies! None of that matters! It doesn't matter! No, it's literally mass reporting. They just always mass report. No matter what the f**k happens. They just; as soon as it goes viral, people just mass report it."

He went on to say that TikTok "doesn't give a s**t":

"They just mass report it and TikTok literally just f***ing, does not give a s**t, and automatically bans me. Every time! Every f***ing time!"

A few hours later, HasanAbi shared a screenshot of his conversation with TikTok Support, in which the latter said the former's suspension would "stay due." An excerpt from the conversation read:

"Hi again Hasan, after speaking directly with our suspension team, the ban will stay due to hateful behavior. We apologize we can not give you better news. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Fans react to the streamer getting banned on TikTok

HasanAbi's most recent TikTok ban gained a lot of traction on Twitter, with more than 150 community members weighing in.

According to Twitter user @piques15 the streamer's "best bet" was to appeal the ban:

Another Twitter user shared their opinions on TikTok's moderation system:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

This is not the first time that HasanAbi has publicly slammed TikTok. The content creator was temporarily banned on August 15, 2022. After the ban, he took the opportunity to criticize the platform's guidelines, calling it the "dumbest social media platform."

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