"One tier below the best characters" Red Bull Kumite's Big Bird talks Street Fighter 6, Marisa, Modern controls and more (Exclusive)

Big Bird proved he was the best at Red Bull Kumite.
Ahead of Red Bull Kumite, Sportskeeda spoke to Big Bird about several Street Fighter 6 topics (Image via Sportskeeda)

Adel "Big Bird" is one of the players who took part in the Street Fighter 6 Red Bull Kumite South Africa this weekend. Known for his incredible gameplay across the franchise, he's beaten many of the best players in the world. He's also known for having a brutal Marisa, about whom he spoke during this interview.

Ahead of the Red Bull Kumite South Africa, we had a chance to briefly chat with Big Bird about the game itself, his chances, Marisa, and so much more. The NASR Esports player would ultimately take first place in the tournament as well, overcoming Akainu in the Grand Finals, 5-1.

Big Bird talks Street Fighter 6, Marisa, and more during Red Bull Kumite South Africa

Q. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! First off, how are you feeling about your chances?


Big Bird: A lot of them have been telling me I have the best chance, but I don’t let that get into my head. They say that because I’ve been beating them in casuals. But we know in this tournament that business is different from casual.

In casuals, you play comfortably and have nothing on the line, and tournaments are a bit different. So I’m hoping I could do well but I like my chances for today.

Q. Everyone seems to be talking about Modern controls in Street Fighter 6. How does the UAE scene feel about this new control system?

Big Bird: I think it’s good for beginners. I think it’s good for new people to get into the game. Classic has always been intimidating for new players to begin with - doing lots of circle motions.

No matter how much input leniency they add, players can never be bothered to do quarter circles, half circles, let alone charge motions. I think modern controls are amazing for beginners. At least, if they like it, they can move to classic. It’s a smart idea from Capcom.

Q. Do you think Street Fighter 6 is a sizable leap forward from the previous games in the franchise?


Big Bird: Oh yes, I think it is. First of all, the competitive aspects of the game are amazing, the online system is great, the netcode is great, but that’s not what’s going to move the game forward.

What’s going to move the game forward is the casual aspect of it. Because the more people that come in, the more likely they are to enter the competitive scene. Not even play competitively, just joining tournaments. The game got amazing ratings.

The casual aspect is amazing - World Tour, Arcade Mode, the Tutorials are amazing, and Modern Control is kind of for casual players. So they nailed the casual aspect. I think it’s going to be big for the game moving forward.

Q. You recently took first place in a Street Fighter 6 tournament as Marisa. How are you feeling about her in SF6? Do you think she stands out as a powerful character, or is there another reason you focused on her?

Big Bird: I think she’s very powerful, and I think a lot of people underestimate her because I think they haven’t been exposed to top-level Marisa play yet. But I do think she’s amazing. She’s probably one tier below the best characters.

She’s not the best character, because she lacks in one or two areas. But I think she’s just below the top characters because a character that does that much damage and has the tools to deal with the game engine that well? They cannot be weak. I think she’s very strong.

Big Bird currently competes for NASR Esports and Red Bull Esports. You can find this fantastic Street Fighter 6 player on Twitch, as well as on Twitter.