Overwatch 2 reveals new events for Season 3: One Punch Man, Ultimate Valentine, and more

The Kiriko Mythic skin in Overwatch 2 Season 3 (Image via Blizzard)
The Kiriko Mythic skin in Overwatch 2 Season 3 (Image via Blizzard)

After two successful seasons, Overwatch 2 is preparing for a thrilling third season with new skins and a Battle Pass. The developers are also planning on introducing new events to the hero shooter.

Events have been a regular feature in every season of Overwatch 2, and they provide players with an opportunity to earn cosmetics, including skins. To commemorate Valentine's Day, a special event will take place during the first week of the new season. Here's a list of all the new events going live in Season 3.

Players will be able to earn some free skins in Overwatch 2 Season 3


According to the official blog post, players will be able to earn some free skins in Overwatch 2 Season 3. To celebrate Valentine's Day, the developers are introducing a limited-time 4v4 mode as part of the Ultimate Valentine event. The mode will include support-themed challenges and will be available from February 14 to February 28.

The event will allow players to earn two new epic skins, along with other cosmetic items. Although the characters for these skins are not yet known, one of these skins could belong to Hanzo. Additionally, a limited-time dating sim called Loverwatch will be made available. The sim is based on the web client and will feature two basic paths, one for Genji and the other for Mercy.

Hanzo will also be involved in Loverwatch, and it will be interesting to see what role each character plays in the dating sim. Loverwatch will go live on February 13 and will be available until February 28. Those who successfully unlock the secret ending in this text-based dating sim will earn a new "play of the game" highlight.


Blizzard will be collaborating with One Punch Man, the first major collaboration for the developer. Skins and cosmetics related to the anime will be seen in the item shop once the collaboration goes live on March 7. The major highlight of this collaboration will be the Saitama skin for Doomfist. The other cosmetics in the collaboration are still undisclosed, but players will be able to obtain another skin by completing themed challenges.

PachiMarchi will also make a comeback on March 21, with a limited-time mode known as Kill Confirmed. Players will be able to earn a new Roadhog PachiMarchi skin by participating in the event. Simply logging into the game when the event goes live will unlock the PachiMarchi Roadhog player profile. Apart from these two cosmetics, players will be able to earn five more player icons, a weapon charm, and a player card. The event is scheduled to end on April 4.

With all the free rewards and new events in Season 3, players are sure to have a great time taking down enemies in Overwatch 2.

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