PMGC League Group Yellow Day 3: Map rotation, Day 2 highlights, as well as when and where to watch 

Twelve matches left in PMGC Group Yellow (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Twelve matches left in PMGC Group Yellow (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The second day of the PMGC League Group Yellow saw some changes in the teams' rankings, as some squads that performed poorly on Day 1 made a strong comeback. Four Angry Men and Besiktas Esports were among these teams.

Six out of the remaining 12 matches will be played today, November 26, starting at 04:15 pm IST, 02:45 am PT, and 11:45 am CET. You can watch the event live on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok from the PUBG Mobile Esports official channel. Readers can find the map order for Day 3 below.

PMGC Group Yellow Day 3 map order

  1. Match 1 - Erangel
  2. Match 2 - Miramar
  3. Match 3 - Sanhok
  4. Match 4 - Erangel
  5. Match 5 - Miramar
  6. Match 6 - Erangel

PMGC Group Yellow Day 2 highlights

After claiming nearly 100 points in their last six matches, Four Angry Men made a sensational comeback on the second day, jumping from sixth to pole position. The Chinese squad leads the overall standings with 145 points with the help of two Chicken Dinners and 71 eliminations.

Besiktas Esports, too, made a remarkable comeback and moved up to third place with 120 points, while IHC performed similarly on both days. They're currently in fifth place.

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Geek Fam dropped a spot from first to second and has 136 points. They did not perform as well on Day 2 as they had on the first day. They had 92 points on Day 1. But today, they collected only 44 points.

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Nepal's T2K Esports won the Chicken Dinner in the first match of Day 2, but their gameplay saw a dip in the subsequent matches. The squad came fifth with 111 points in the overall rankings.

Day 2 saw the fall of Geekay Esports. They were in the second position after six matches but then slipped to sixth place with 107 points. FaZe Clan was behind them in seventh place with 102 points.

Team Reject acquired a mammoth 20-kill victory in the second match of PMGC Day 2, which took place on Miramar. But they failed to maintain their momentum in the next four games and ended the day with 92 points in the overall standings.

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After struggling in several matches on the second day, D'Xavier took the fifth match and came 10th with 83 points. The side will have to display some resistance in the remaining games to survive in the competition.

Genesis Dogma and Team Falcons' poor run continued on PMGC Day 2. They came fifteenth and sixteenth, respectively, on the overall leaderboard. South Korea's RedForce finished the day in the 16th spot after 12 matches with 33 points.

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