Pokemon Diamond and Pearl reportedly confirmed to receive a remake in 2021 

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Rumors have been running wild about a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake, but it may now be more than a rumor.

Centro Pokemon LEAKS on Twitter has been pumping out details regarding Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The account even went as far as to say that it can confirm a remake is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021.


With any leak and rumor, it is always best to take it with a grain of salt. Always be skeptical and wait for official information to be released. The information provided is plenty to get fans excited, though.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl reportedly confirmed to receive a remake in 2021

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

2021 will see a Pokemon celebration of epic proportions. The 25th anniversary of the beloved franchise is here, and there is so much to take in.

New Pokemon Snap has been given a release date. Another leak has revealed a possible new anime season known as Legends. Pokemon UNITE is also on its way. Now, more details regarding the Diamond and Pearl remakes have been uncovered.

There is apparently no slowing down for Pokemon in 2021. The report states that the Diamond and Pearl remakes will be announced in February.

It will also abandon the style of the Kanto remake. Instead, it will be more in line with the main series of Pokemon games.

Further tweets have been put out by Centro Pokemon LEAKS that may cement the validity of their claims.

A new subdomain on the Pokemon website appeared but was disabled. The thought was that someone sent it to live way too early. The purpose was to potentially test it.

Another round of information gave details regarding the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl subdomain. It was a new creation and not an old subdomain being activated.

There is no confirmation until the Pokemon company officially reveals any Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake.

It is okay to be hopeful after this drop of information, though.

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