Pokemon GO Sustainability Week: Pokemon, Raids, rewards and more

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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Sustainability Week will be happening in Pokemon Go from April 20th to April 25th.

This event ties into the Niantic Sustainability Campaign, an initiative aimed at getting people to play a more active role in improving the environment. Niantic will incentivise players of both Ingress and Pokemon GO with in-game rewards for doing things in the real world to help their community. Here are the details on what to expect in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go Sustainability Week: Pokemon, Raids, rewards and more

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Several Pokemon that are based around the theme of trash and cleanliness will be found in the wild during this week. These Pokemon are Drilburr, Ferroseed, Grimer, and Trubbish. Obviously, Trubbish and Grimer both resemble trash and sludge respectively. Ferroseed is included because it’s a bard, and Drilbur is in this group presumably because it can drill underground. Shiny Trubbish will also be available during this time.

Along with these Pokemon, Binacle will be making its first appearance. Binacle follows Skrelp and Clauncher as the new Generation VI Pokemon to be introduced in the game. More Generation VI Pokemon, like Sylveon, will likely continue to be released in the near future.

A wide group of Pokemon will also be commonly found in 5KM eggs. These Pokemon will be Tangela, Budew, Finneon, Drilbur, Cherubi, Diglett and Goldeen. Other Pokemon, like Vileplume, Alolan-Exeggutor, Trubbish, and Binacle, will appear in the form of Raids.

Players can also complete Field Research to get encounters with a few unique Pokemon like Cottonee and Chespin. A commemorative Sustainability Week T-shirt will be available for the players' avatars to use in the in-game shop as well.

On top of all of this are the rewards that come from real-world efforts to help the community. To get these rewards, players must do one of three things: adopt a new sustainability practice, do something to help the community, or help out a local sustainability-related organization.

Once completed, players can post their work to social media and have their actions counted. If 2,500 actions, or activations, are counted, then Five-star Raids will appear more often. After 5,000 activations, players can get a free bundle with three Remote Raid Passes. The ultimate prize will be earned with 10,000 activations, which will give players a 2x Catch XP bonus.

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