"I'm so sorry": Pokimane comforts and offers advice to Trainwreckstv viewer struggling with a gambling addiction

Pokimane gives a viewer advice on how to handle addiction (Image via @pokimanelol/Instagram)
Pokimane gives a viewer advice on how to handle addiction (Image via @pokimanelol/Instagram)

Imane "Pokimane" seems to be on a roll lately. The 25-year-old Twitch star has been giving a lot of hot takes lately with a clear intention to create harmony within the community.

In a recent stream, a Trainwreckstv follower and viewer came to Pokimane's chat with a vent to share. After reading the user's comments, Poki exclaimed:

"It's an actual addiction. I'm so sorry."

Warning: The article contains content that mentions addiction, self-harm, and suicide.

Pokimane attempts to comfort, advise viewers struggling with a gambling addiction

Watch the full clip below:

After Pokimane acknowledged that she was curious and pressed for more details, the viewer admitted that they had a gambling addiction:

"I've honestly lost $60k+ because sadly I followed (Trainwreckstv) down the rabbit hole and I'm still going."

Poki briefly questioned the viewer's plan to 'solve' his problem and offered rehabilitation as a viable option. She said:

"Why are you still going if you're so far down already. Like what do you plan on doing from here on out? Or do you feel like you're just too addicted? In that case, you gotta rehab, bro!"

She also told the viewer things that they probably already knew about gambling institutions profiting off of gamblers in a slightly accusatory tone:

"You need to understand these places are making money. And they only make money when you lose money."

However, she immediately corrected herself once the viewer told her that he was "trying," and she offered what she felt was the best possible advice she could give:

"I'm so sorry. I think my best piece of advice for you would be: don't try to do it alone. Don't think you can beat this addiction easily alone. Look for resources and people that can help you, and that they can help you step-by-step."

Viewers share their opinions

Many viewers resonated with the individual during the stream, asserting that they struggled with addiction, which is not always the easiest to cope with and fix. Some also brought up the 'sunk cost fallacy,' a cognitive bias and tendency to continue investing or gambling away at a loss.

This dictates the irrational habit of being unable to cut those losses due to all the time, money, and resources dedicated to it in the past, so the losses rack up and financial ruin tends to occur.

The individual is probably way too deep into their situation and possibly still holds onto the hope that gains are probable, although the outlook is bleak.

(image via Twitch)
(image via Twitch)

One of the many viewers found relief in Pokimane's advice and thanked her for her pure sincerity:

Other viewers aimed to explain the severity and reality of gambling addiction in light of those who tend not to take such matters as seriously as other kinds of addictions. They also sympathized with the viewer because they seem sincerely self-aware and are clearly struggling with both their debt and addiction.

(Image via r/LiveStreamFail)
(Image via r/LiveStreamFail)

Several viewers took issue with Trainwreckstv and his business practices in general, angered by how impressionable he is and how many viewers have fallen victim to the losses of a gambling addiction simply because of his platform.

Others tried justifying Trainwreckstv's platform with the good he tries to bring to the community via donations to both viewers and streamers, as well as his up-and-coming mental health endeavor, where he has announced to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into.

But it was pretty conclusive by the vast majority of commenters that what Trainwreckstv was doing should be considered "unethical":

Tyler "Trainwreckstv" is a Twitch streamer mostly known for his casino gambling and stakes streams. He has currently amassed 1.5 million followers on Twitch and regularly gives back to his community. The streamer, however, has been a rather controversial topic as of late, and his character has left the community divided on whether he is an inspiring icon or a disagreeable influencer.

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