"I’m always a little iffy about subathons": Pokimane shares her opinion regarding subathon streams

Pokimane reacts to Sykkuno's Twitch clip (Images via Twitter/Pokimanelol and Sykkuno)
Pokimane reacts to Sykkuno's Twitch clip (Images via Twitter/Pokimanelol and Sykkuno)

During one of her most recent streams, Imane "Pokimane" was seen reacting to a viral clip that included Thomas "Sykkuno" criticizing the trending subathon streaming style.

The clip has garnered more than eighty thousand views. In it, Sykkuno can be seen slamming subathon streamers and calling them out for slyly tricking viewers into subscribing to their channels.

Pokimane agreed with what Sykkuno had to say regarding this topic. Citing her opinions and mentioning how unhealthy this style of streaming tends to be, the Twitch star mentioned:

"I’m always a little iffy about subathons for a myriad of reasons; some, including what he’s saying. Tactics that some people would consider a little, like, unethical."

Pokimane criticizes subathon style of streams as she reacts to Sykkuno's viral clip

Pokimane had just begun her daily livestream. She was seen interacting with her viewers and speaking about events in her life. She then went on to react to some videos and clips. One of the clips happened to be Sykkuno's opinion regarding subathon streams.

Watching how successful Ludwig's month-long subathon was back in 2021, a number of streamers have tried to take inspiration from the former Twitch streamer and have organized subathons of their own. One of the most recent and successful subathon streams was done by the VTuber Ironmouse, who went on to become the first female Twitch streamer with the highest amount of subscribers.

As Pokimane reacted to Sykkuno's take, she started off by commending the latter by saying:

"You know what? Because Sykkuno had the courage and bravery to speak his opinion, I will also do the same."

Mentioning how some subathons seem to be a bit unethical, she continued:

"Where you are kind of pretending that you are streaming, but really you're sleeping and doing other things and just pretending to do a subathon in a sense. But if people are okay with that and still like being in the chat and whatever, then there's no real issue in a way, because people are paying for what they get."

While talking about the health issues associated with long subathon streams, Poki mentioned:

"But the other reason is like, there is no way subathons are healthy for a human being to do and the fact that we are incentivizing it with hundreds of thousands of dollars, major clout, followers, attention. We're like, oh my God, this person has been streaming three weeks POGGERS, POGGERS. It's like no, they need to go see a doctor, very likely."

A commenter on her channel who went by the name AmericanWarlord stated:

"That's the point, suffer for my pleasure."

Poki addressed the comment:

"'Suffer for my pleasure.' I think a little bit of that is okay. But the line kind of needs to be drawn at some point, and I don't really think we draw it at a good point. Like, if you watch someone on stream, I don't know, choking themselves out for your entertainment, would you be like, 'Ha, ha, suffer for my pleasure?' No, right? Like some things are okay, and some things aren't really."

The livestreamer concluded the conversation on this subject by mentioning:

"I just feel like we don't really talk about that in gaming right now, and I don't think it's going to be cool to talk about until like 20 years from now when we have actual data regarding the implications of that kind of behavior."

Fans react to Pokimane's take regarding subathon streams

Fans and audiences on the streamer's Twitch chat agreed and disagreed with her. While some mentioned that it was indeed harmful to the content creator's health, others mentioned that it was the decision of the streamers to indulge in a long streaming session.

Fans providing their take on the subject (Images via Twitch/pokimane)
Fans providing their take on the subject (Images via Twitch/pokimane)

The Twitch star then hopped into the competitive world of Fortnite, six minutes after reacting to Sykkuno's clip. She dedicated the rest of her stream to playing Fortnite and streamed for six hours straight.

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