"Let me poop in your jacket": Pokimane and Sykkuno's conversation about love and excrement weirds everyone out

Pokimane and Sykkuno have an intense discussion about relationships on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane and Sykkuno have an intense discussion about relationships on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Richik "anarkiddie" Bhattacharya

On the topic of walking a dog, Pokimane and Sykkuno's conversation about the connection between feces and relationships took a weird turn on Janet "xChocoBars'" livestream. The streamers were playing the online co-op game Dinkum when the topic of pet dogs came up.


However, the conversation changed drastically, with Pokimane joking about how she wanted a partner who would let her defecate in their jacket:

"If I was a little puppy, would you carry me in your jacket instead of making me walk? That kind of question. And then let me poop in your jacket and go scoop it up?"

One of the streamers had just told the group about how their grandpa pampers their dog and doesn't let it walk when they go out. Apparently, as a gesture of love, he also lets the dog poop in his jacket.

Pokimane's ideal long-term relationship goals leave others on the Discord call dumbfounded

Pokimane, Sykkuno, starsmitten, and xChocoBars were playing the online co-op game Dinkum when the topic of cleaning up after pet dogs arose. Celine "starsmitten" shared a story about how her grandfather lets his dog poop in his jacket:

"My grandpa doesn't really understand the concept of walking our dog and walks our dog in his jacket. He's like, 'Oh I'm going to stroll, and I'm going to carry you around.' So she poops in his jacket."

The information understandably grossed a few of them out. Celine further explained that her grandfather did so out of love and care for the dog. Upon hearing the story, Pokimane shared her own feelings:

"Hearing that story, I hope someday someone loves me enough that they would let me poop on them."

(Timestamp 2:17:30)

The prospect of being in a relationship like that did not sit right with many of her friends present. xChocoBars vehemently rejected the thought of pooping in someone's jacket, saying:

"I don't think that's something I want, even."

Pokimane clarified that she would probably not do it deliberately, saying that it was more about the level of comfort one's partner felt. It was the thought of someone doing something so extreme for her out of love:

"Well, that doesn't mean I will poop on them, but for them to let you... you know what I mean?"

Sykkuno, however, had a counterpoint. He thought that even if someone agreed to let someone poop in their jacket occasionally, and it becomes a regular thing, it probably hinted at some kind of fetish:

"I think at some point, it's not that they like you so much they let you poop on them. It's that they have a, kind of, weird interest in poop."

The bizarre conversation got even weirder when the question of old age came into the discourse. Sykkuno held his ground, saying that he would rather tell them to poop on the floor than on him:

"When would I not just say, 'Poop on the floor over there.' Instead, I mean. Why can't... I would just be like, 'Poop on the floor over there,' right? I mean that makes more sense."

Pokimane revealed that she did not really mean it seriously, and it was like one of those questions people in relationships ask each other to gauge the extent of their bond. xChocoBars understood what she meant and gave a popular example from TikTok:

"Oh yeah like, 'If I was like a worm, would you still love me?' kinda question?"

Fans react to the unusual conversation

Most fans were quite appalled by the idea of cleaning someone else's poop from their jacket and could not believe Pokimane would say something like that. A few YouTube comments, however, did try to understand and rationalize what she wanted to say:

Chat reacting to the discussion (Image via xChocoBars/Twitch)
Chat reacting to the discussion (Image via xChocoBars/Twitch)
YouTube comments under the clip (Image via OTV POG/YouTube)
YouTube comments under the clip (Image via OTV POG/YouTube)

It appears Pokimane mainly used the example of pooping on their beloved as an example or a test of their relationship. Not that it's anyone else's business, but the example she used did take a lot of people by surprise.

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