Resident Evil Village and other RE titles make their way to Nintendo Switch: Release dates, cloud versions, and more

Several Resident Evil games are headed to the Nintendo Switch (Image via Capcom)
Several Resident Evil games are headed to the Nintendo Switch (Image via Capcom)

The original Resident Evil was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and will soon be joined by many of its sequels.

The Nintendo Direct, held on September 13, 2022, revealed plenty of things for Nintendo fans to be excited about. Amidst all the surprising announcements was the fact that the system would receive several Resident Evil titles.


The likes of Resident Evil: Village, Biohazard, 2, and 3 will make their way to the Switch at a later date. Only the former has been made official, and will be coming to to Cloud services in October.

All upcoming Resident Evil titles for Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the family, #NintendoSwitch.Resident Evil 2, 3, 7, and Village Cloud are coming to Nintendo Switch beginning with Resident Evil Village this October!

There are currently seven RE titles playable on Nintendo Switch. These are the original, RE 4, RE 5, RE 6, RE 0, Revelations, and Revelations 2. Four more will soon join them.

Players will eventually have Cloud access to some classic RE titles, as well as a couple of newer entries in the franchise. It seems as though the releases for each will stagger.


Village is the most recent RE game. The price for its Switch version is unknown thus far, but a release date has been given. It will become available on October 28, 2022 with the Winter's Expansion DLC arriving shortly after on December 2, 2022.

The game sees Ethan Winters arrive in an eerie village with a cast of antagonists that rival every other bad guy in the series. A playable demo of the Cloud version can be downloaded right now on the Switch.


Other titles coming to the Nintendo Switch were not given an exact release date, but rather a window of "2022." There was no mention of these games arriving next year, so players should expect them before 2023 begins.

The direct prequel to Village is Biohazard. Ethan Winters is also the player-controlled character. He is in a derelict estate searching for his missing wife in the franchise's first main game to include a full first-person perspective.

RE 2

Resident Evil 2 was originally released in 1998. It also falls in the 2022 release window given during the Nintendo Direct. This might be something that fans are most eager about.

It upgraded everything that players loved about the original game. Each character had their own unique story that saw the introduction of the iconic Leon S. Kennedy.

RE 3

The third entry in the franchise brought the Nemesis to the party. It stalked players throughout the game, which was much more action-oriented and filled with enemies compared to the prior two titles.

The setting is still Raccoon City and players control Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the infected area. The events of RE 3 run almost seamlessly alongside those of RE 2.

Each game will be available as a Cloud version

Prepare for the scare โ€“ four iconic Resident Evil games are coming to #NintendoSwitch as cloud versions, starting with Resident Evil Village Cloud on Oct. 28! #NintendoDirect

The Nintendo Switch has received several Cloud-based games in recent memory. It has divided the playerbase a bit, but regardless, it does not seem to be going anywhere.

All of the aforementioned Resident Evil games coming to the Switch will be in their Cloud versions. Smaller downloads take place than players putting the entire software onto their device.

They are available through the Nintendo eShop and do not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play. Cloud versions require a stable internet connection to play and use streaming technology to bring the game from an exterior server onto the player's Switch.

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