Sodapoppin gets banned on Twitch for the second time

Sodapoppin was banned from Twitch on April 14, 2022 (Image via Sodapoppin/Twitter)
Sodapoppin was banned from Twitch on April 14, 2022 (Image via Sodapoppin/Twitter)

Twitch star Chance "Sodapoppin" was handed his second ban from the platform on April 14, 2022. The reason for his suspension has not yet been made clear, but fans speculate that it might be the result of a particular incident that occurred during a recent stream.

His first ban on Twitch was back in July 2020 while he played the virtual reality game - VR Chat. He uploaded a three-minute-long apology video following his first suspension. The Twitch streamer was swiftly unbanned after 24 hours.

Social media reacts to Sodapoppin getting banned on Twitch

A reaction thread on the subreddit LivestreamFail went viral as it has received more than 450 comments and 2,738 upvotes at the time of writing this. Many fans are speculating that Sodapoppin was banned because of a recent stream that he hosted on April 10, 2022.

Many fans requested context towards the streamer's ban, as they could not figure out what he might have done to warrant a suspension from the platform.

A Redditor linked a prior submission on the subreddit, which is the speculated reason for his ban.

A few fans mentioned that Soda will now post another apology video soon.

Many of them joked about the streamer's ban on Twitch.

Folks on Twitter were unable to understand the context behind Sodapoppin's ban from the platform.

A user posted the alleged clip that got the streamer banned from the platform.

Twitch VTuber Veibae hilariously made fun of her good friend.

@StreamerBans @Sodapoppintv look: for several hours now I have been told from credible sources the reason sodapoppin has been banned. however due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject I have refrained from going on it. i don't feel comfortable with it currently

Some context towards Sodapoppin's recent Twitch ban

During his previous stream, the content creator unknowingly balckened an in-game character's face. A clip surrounding his actions was posted in the same subreddit, which has since been deleted.

Sodapoppin jumped into the conversation on Reddit and provided a statement about his actions during that stream. In his comment on the thread created on April 10, he stated:

"Well, guess I gotta explain. Cause people think I would truly go the lengths of trying to ACTUALLY look racist on purpose. I'll try to explain my thought process through this situation. I am edgy, but not this edgy."

He further continued:

"In the moment I noticed 'Hey character creation with makeup,' and immediately started making him darker like mr. potato head cause he looks like him shape-wise. But I realized while coloring him that I am only colorinG the face, and so I just said 'Oh s**t Blackface.'"

He then spoke about how it was an innocent mistake. He thought nothing of it and continued further, but didn't realize that the racism aspect was only increasing:

"I mean, IDK it seemed like a harmless mistake so I just rolled with it, thats the extent of how far I wanted the joke to go I guess and then move on. So then I added an overexaggerated smile with lipstick, I thought of just adding a red smiley to it, not realizing it added MORE racism to the blackface making me unknowingly double down. I didn’t notice how that correlated at the time I was just throwing random makeup on the face."

As a concluding remark, Sodapoppin mentioned that:

"Ofc I thought 'lipstick, that makes an overexaggerated smile.' My brain isn't really thinking past that while streaming, I'm just tryna paint a potato. In hindsight, I see how that yea, it'slike an extreme blackface. I didn’t mean for it to get racist sounding/looking as it did , but this was just me being naive and not realizing how the mouth correlated with the skin, etc."

No word from the streamer has been provided regarding his most recent ban from the platform. It is also speculated that he will be off the platform for more than a day since this was the second ban imposed on his Twitch channel.

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