Street Fighter 6 Year 1 DLC characters announced: Rashid, Akuma, and more

Street Fighter 6 revealed information on Year 1 DLC characters (Image via CAPCOM)
Street Fighter 6 revealed information on Year 1 DLC characters (Image via CAPCOM)

The Street Fighter 6 showcase on April 20, 2023, revealed brand new information about four characters who will be coming to the game as part of the Year 1 content. This is a standard feature for any fighting game where DLC characters get introduced over an entire year alongside the main roster that is available on release.

Hence, the names of all the characters and their release windows have been covered in this article.

Full details regarding Street Fighter 6 DLC characters for Year 1

Street Fighter 6 will have four major DLC characters joining its main roster across Year 1. The characters who will be part of the DLC are: Rashid, AKI, Ed, and Akuma.

Rashid is set for release in Summer 2023, AKI will be available during Autumn 2023, Ed during Winter 2023, and Akuma during Spring 2024. This will please a lot of players since Rashid and Akuma are two of the most popular characters in Street Fighter.

In any case, the developers have only shown the concept art of the characters. The playstyle and how they will function in-game is still unknown.


In fact, revealing the DLC characters a month before release might seem a bit much for some fans. However, CAPCOM ensured that they only gave fans a tease with the concept art and did not show anything else, so that the main content is revealed only when the characters approach their release dates. This ensures that Street Fighter fans will have something to look forward to and their excitement won't be dampened.

If players want to access all the Year 1 DLC characters, they will have to buy the Deluxe Edition or the Ultimate Edition. The former includes the DLC characters only, while the latter will also include additional stages and alternate costumes for some of the characters.

Note that the base version of Street Fighter 6 will not include the DLC characters, and there's no word on whether fans can obtain them by grinding in-game coins either.

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