"Suing Coffeezilla is not going to help": Logan Paul reveals three-step plan to reimburse CryptoZoo investors and complete game

Logan Paul lays down his plan to fix the CryptoZoo debacle (Image via Sportskeeda)
Logan Paul lays down his plan to fix the CryptoZoo debacle (Image via Sportskeeda)

Weeks after Coffeezilla's CryptoZoo investigation took the internet by storm, Logan Paul, one of the key figures behind the project, has revealed his three-step plan to fix the game and reimburse investors who have lost money.

The announcement has been well received by most people on the internet, who have praised the YouTuber-turned-MMA fighter for making a u-turn in his reaction to the investigation's fallout.

Logan Paul's initial reaction to Coffeezilla's investigation into CryptoZoo and the thousands of dollars of lost investment by his supporters was to either deny wrongdoing or avoid accountability. Logan has even threatened legal action in the past. However, in the latest video posted on Twitter, he took a different path:

"The fact is, suing Coffeezilla is not going to help CryptoZoo holders, so I do need to focus my attention where it should be. Which is on fans and supporters of me. You guys mean the world to me, so I would like to announce my three-step plan moving forward."

"I know this video is long overdue": How does Logan Paul plan to fix CryptoZoo?

As mentioned before, the three-step plan laid down by The Maverick has been received quite well. Unlike his previous plans to take legal action against Coffeezilla's investigation, which has undoubtedly played a huge part in starting the corrective process for the CryptoZoo debacle.

Here are the major points made by Logan Paul that will help the investors of the project who have lost money in the past.

First step - Logan Paul and Jeffery Levin will "burn" their tokens

The act is supposed to ensure that the investors who still hold the token will see their assets increase in value. This is how Logan describes it in the clip:

"Jeff and I will burn all of our Zoo tokens so that we have no financial upside in the game and it will add value to holder tokens."

Second step - Rewards program to compensate those who want to leave the project

A rewards program will be set in place, funded by Paul and others, to compensate those who would like to opt-out and basically sell their base eggs and animals so that they can earn some, if not all, of the money they lost. Paul elucidated:

"Essentially you're going to be able to burn your base egg or your base animal for the mint price. Which was 0.1 Eth or the equivalent in BNB. I am personally committing a thousand Eth to this, which is about $1.3 million right now, for players who want to get out."

Third step - Finish the development process of CryptoZoo

The final step in Logan Paul's three-step plan is to complete making a game that delivers on his promises. This will require them to primarily fix how the in-game eggs work with the blockchain, fix the marketplace, and also make it possible to release the animals into the wild to accrue money:

"Finish and deliver the game as outlined in the white paper by completing the egg-bridge from Eth to BSC from base animals to base eggs. Completing the marketplace and obviously completing the releasing of your animals into the wild to accrue your yield function."

After putting forward his three-step plan, Logan Paul once again expressed disappointment with how the situation was handled internally and ended the clip by thanking Coffeezilla. He emphasized:

"My sole obligation is to my supporters and I know this video is long overdue, here it is, I am sorry guys."

Twitter reacts to Logan Paul's plan to fix CryptoZoo

While most of the people in the replies were happy that the investors would finally get some compensation, many were still unsatisfied with Logan's demeanor. Here are some of the reactions:

Coffeezilla, the man who investigated and further committed to helping victims of the CryptoZoo debacle, is yet to comment on the video.

Read this for a better understanding of Coffeezilla's investigation into CryptoZoo and why he called it one of the biggest scams perpetrated by Logan Paul.

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