Call of Duty teases Terminator crossover in Warzone and Vanguard Season 4

Terminator is coming to Warzone and Vanguard season 4 (image via Activision and Paramount Pictures)
Terminator is coming to Warzone and Vanguard season 4 (image via Activision and Paramount Pictures)

Call of Duty confirmed a massive crossover involving a big film franchise, and to everyone's delight, in Season 4's mid-season update, the Terminator series is coming to Warzone and Vanguard.

The news was confirmed in a recent tweet. While details regarding the upcoming crossover with the Terminator are sparse at the moment, here is what Call of Duty hinted at regarding Season 4, Mercenaries of Fortune.


It's not quite clear if the crossover will be similar to the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration, but as players saw with Rambo and John McClane back in 2021 in Call of Duty, one can expect the Terminator crossover to have the same impact.

Call of Duty's recent tweet confirms Terminator collaboration with Warzone and Vanguard in Season 4

In a recent tweet posted by Call of Duty's official account, the caption hinted at a possible Terminator crossover. The caption revealed:

"Grab this intel as fast as you can… they’ll be back"

While not everyone may be familiar with the catchphrase, fans of the popular movie franchise haven't failed to recognise its similarity with the iconic line, "I'll be back." The quote is associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a cornerstone of the Terminator saga.

Furthermore, the tweet also revealed a silver bar with the Skynet Mimetic Polyalloy's name on it. Mimetic Pollyalloy is an artificial liquid metal compound that has been featured in many Terminator films. Apart from that, every fan recognizes Skynet, the primary antagonist in the franchise.

While the details regarding the crossover have not yet been revealed, these hints tease that something big might be coming to Season 4. While fans will have to wait to see if the Terminator crossover will come as an event, the two Terminator bundles will arrive during Season 4 reloaded, according to the battle pass blog.

The two bundles are as follows

  • Tracer Pack: T-800 Limited Time Bundle
  • Tracer Pack: T-1000 Limited Time Bundle

Previously, fans have experienced massive crossovers between pop culture behemoths and Call of Duty. Activision has been trying to pull this off for a very long time. With multiple collaborations in recent days, the biggest FPS franchise is trying to take a leap into the world of pop culture.

We've seen crossovers involving the famous anime/manga series Attack on Titan, Hollywood movie Die Hard and even recently with Godzilla vs Kong, Suffice to say, collaborations with pop culture are nothing new in Call of Duty.

The recent crossover between Godzilla vs Kong and Warzone was probably the biggest in the franchise's history. The sheer amount of overhaul seen in Warzone for this crossover makes it clear that the gaming studio is all set to dive into the massive world of pop culture.