Call of Duty Warzone's upcoming map "Fortune's Keep" revealed through a community event

A part of Fortune's Keep in Warzone (image via Activision)
A part of Fortune's Keep in Warzone (image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone just revealed the tactical blueprint for the upcoming map in the battle royale. The new map, named Fortune's Keep, will probably be the next Resurgence map, replacing the fan-favorite Rebirth island.

The franchise did a rather innovative reveal for the forthcoming map in season 4. They divided the tac map into twelve pieces and sent each one to different content creators in a unique way. The community was tasked with joining them together and finishing the puzzle to take a fresh look at Fortune's Keep.

Earlier, Call of Duty revealed the name of the map and after almost a year and a half of Rebirth Island, the community is getting something new. Here are all the details about the reveal and a look at the new resurgence map.

A quick look at Fortune's Keep, the next map for Warzone season 4

Call of Duty revealed the map in a very quaint way. They sent cakes to twelve popular Warzone content creators and each of them contained a part of the map. The task for the community was to put it all together and make the map whole.

Content creators including JGOD, Lucky Chamu, KRNG - BearPig and others received the cakes. JGOD posted on his Twitter account, stating:

"For some reason @CallofDuty sent me a Cake, wonder if it has anything to do with new map that is supposed to be fast paced and close quarters."

The last part of the piece was sent to eColiEspresso. The final part helped finish the map and now fans have a look at what Fortune's Keep will feel like.

The scaling of Fortune's Keep

While other details regarding the map are sparse at the moment, JGOD has tried to measure its scale with Rebirth Island and here are the results so far.

Rebirth Island is probably the most popular map in the game right now. It is not quite clear if the new map will replace Rebirth or not. However, as all the leaks suggest, the end of Rebirth Island might be getting closer than ever.

In a recent podcast hosted by ModernWarzone, Gojj said that they are not sure if the map will replace Rebirth. If the scaling done by the creators is right so far, Fortune's Keep is way bigger than Rebirth Island.

So, while Rebirth is popular for its fast paced matches and small player counts, it is quite unclear how the Rebirth community will take the change if this happens.

The map will be available in Warzone in season 4. With almost more than a week in hand, fans just have to wait and see how the map will play out for the future of Warzone.