Call of Duty fans furious over OP Radar Jammer on Warzone's Rebirth Island, developers assure a nerf is coming

Devs replied as fans got annoyed with Radar Jammer in Warzone season 3 (image via Activision)
Devs replied as fans got annoyed with Radar Jammer in Warzone season 3 (image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is here. With the mid-season update, Raven software brought a lot of things to the plate for fans. However, not all of the new updates are making the community as happy as they were supposed to.

With the mid-season update, Raven Software introduced a brand new field upgrade called 'Radar Jammer' in Warzone. This item was added in some previous Call of Duty games as well, so some veteran CoD players might know how it works.

The new field upgrade can mess up players' maps and prevent killstreaks within a specific radius. While this upgrade is a great addition to the game and players are finding unique ways to use it in a more tactical manner, Rebirth Island lovers are not happy at all with it.

Radar Jammer set to get nerfed in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone's Rebirth Island is popular for some quick hop-ons and fast-paced gunfights. The dense layout of the island pours oil into it. Using the new field upgrade 'Radar Jammer' on the small island of Rebirth might get bothersome.

With the community claiming that the feature is pretty overpowered on Rebirth Island, Warzone developers have confirmed that they are working on a fix and will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Once deployed, the Radar Jammer can scramble enemy players' tac map for exactly 45 seconds. However, the effective radius of the item is quite high. It can cause an effect for 125 meters from its deployment point.

Primarily created for close-range gunfights, the remake of Alcatraz is a lot smaller when compared to Caldera. So, using the field upgrade on the traditional battle royale map is not that big of a problem.

However, on Rebirth Island, Radar Jammer's radius covers a lot of areas on the map. While players are constantly rushing into gunfights, the new addition is a nuisance to most of the community as it blocks all UAVs, killstreaks, and enemy positions on the tac map.

A Redditor named Burider opened a thread on Reddit and pointed out some of the big problems with the said field upgrade.

  • As the Radar Jammer covers a large area on Rebirth, it almost eats the entire map away but that's not the most annoying part. Although the Field Upgrade is so effective, the rarity of it is not. It can be found pretty easily. So, almost everyone is using it and it is up almost all the time.
  • The most important part is Rebirth has a different mechanism than Caldera. When players kill opponents, their team members' positions immediately show up on the tac map. This helps players to rush into gunfights. However, since the integration of the Radar Jammer it is not that easy anymore and players are having some bothersome moments on the island.

While the community wants the developers to remove the mechanics right away, some fans have given away some sort of solution. They want this the feature to be nerfed exclusively for Rebirth Island and it is possible as fans have previously seen different mechanisms integrated into Rebirth and Caldera in Warzone.

Now, fans need to wait to see how much time Raven needs to take to fix the issue. However, after they solved the AX-50's hitscan bug as soon as it was rolled out, it is expected that the same will happen to Radar Jammer.