"That sh*t is just too far, bro" - Adin Ross calls out fans after getting duped into viewing sensitive photo of his sister

Adin Ross shocked after being tricked into seeing a naked picture of his sister (Image via Adin Live/YouTube)
Adin Ross shocked after being tricked into seeing a sensitive picture of his sister (Image via Adin Live/YouTube)

Trigger warning: Mentions of sexually explicit content.

In a recent Kick stream, Adin Ross was pranked by a viewer who submitted an explicit picture of his sister. The incident occurred while the streamer was going through videos submitted by his viewers on his official Discord server. Upon realizing what had happened, Adin Ross expressed his outrage towards the viewer who had submitted the picture and condemned the actions of the fans who thought it would be funny.

He got serious and stated that such behavior is unacceptable:

"I'm not even joking bro, that sh*t is just too far, bro."

"Wrong on so many levels": Social media reacts after clips of Adin Ross getting tricked into viewing an explicit photo of his sister on stream goes viral

Adin Ross has been embroiled in a string of controversies over the past few months. Recently, he once again found himself in the spotlight after he showed an adult website on stream, in response to repeated requests from his viewers. The incident sparked a heated discussion in the community, especially after it came to light that he faced no consequences for his actions. This was brought up by HasanAbi in his recent debate with Trainwrecksktv.

More recently, Adin was tricked into watching explicit content on stream by someone in his Discord. Clips of the incident quickly went viral, eliciting a range of reactions from fans and the general public. However, most people believe that tricking someone into seeing an explicit photo of a sibling is highly inappropriate. According to Twitter user @mikeyperk, the prank was "wrong on so many levels":

The Kick streamer was doing a bit on stream, reacting to various videos and GIFs posted by fans on his Discord server. After a while, he came across a video that looked inconspicuous, with a thumbnail of a man sawing a tree branch.

However, seconds after Ross clicked on the video, it abruptly cut to an explicit picture of his sister. Here's how he reacted:

"All sh*t aside, that sh*t was way too f*cking far, bro. You all literally went too f*cking far with that one, bro."

After looking at the picture for some time, he turned to his chat and tore into them for thinking this was a funny joke, saying that they had gone too far.

"That's not even funny, bro. Ya'll just showed me my naked sister with n*t on her back, bro. That sh*t is too far."

More social media reactions

Here are some more social media reactions to the incident:

Adin Ross has been courting controversy for many months. He was recently permanently banned from Twitch and has gotten into trouble for comments that have been called homophobic and transphobic by many.

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