"There are only 2 genders": Adin Ross's tweet on LGBTQ+ community sparks outrage

Analyzing Adin Ross
Analyzing Adin Ross's controversial comment (Image via Sportskeeda)

Adin Ross has been courting controversy after doubling down on his remarks about there being two genders on a recent livestream with a now-viral tweet that has ruffled quite a few feathers. At the time of writing, the post has over 50 million views with less than half a million likes.

Ross has been making headlines over the last few weeks due to one controversy or another. A couple of days ago, he was at the center of a scandal involving showing adult content on stream and has now been labeled homophobic and transphobic for some of his comments.

Is Adin Ross homophobic? Recent and past allegations explored

This is not the first time Adin Ross has been accused of being offensive towards marginalized communities. Last year, Twitch banned him for hateful conduct. And while he has never publicly admitted the reason for the ban, internet sleuths pointed to this clip of him saying the homophobic f-word slur while YourRageGaming was streaming on Twitch.

Here's one of the surviving clips of the incident:


Last year, he also raised many eyebrows after having controversial figure Andrew Tate on his Twitch channel, and he gradually became closely associated with him.

Yesterday a Twitter thread by someone claiming to be Adin's half-brother stated that when his family tried to stop him from going to Romania when Andrew Tate was arrested for human trafficking, he cut most of them off.

His adult content stream had already become a hot topic, and Kick's most vocal proponent, Trainwreckstv, even graced Ross's channel on the last day to talk about the Terms of Service and the platform's future. After he left, Adin went on quite a tangent when he appeared to remark:

"How many genders are there? There's two, chat. Yes, sir! Ws in the f*cking chat."

While there could be a scientific debate over this issue, many streamers have criticized Adin for his take, which can be hurtful to non-binary people around the world.

However, this shift to more politically charged comments from the streamer comes days after Ross alleged that Twitch has a "liberal bias" and that if he had blue hair, insinuating that if he was a liberal, he would not be banned.


Timestamp 1:33:41

In the same stream, he repeats another conservative talking point that has been used by many to justify homophobia:

"Remember chat, it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

How did Twitter react to Adin Ross's comments?

As expected, the tweet got a large number of reactions from people, as many supported his right to express his views, while numerous prominent streamers such as xQc and HasanAbi criticized him for the divisive comments.

The latter's tweet seemed to indicate that the post by Adin Ross was just to create shock value now that he will need more engagement after his Twitch ban. HasanAbi called it a "parachute cord" that certain "media personalities" take when their content is "falling off."

Valorant content creator Westjett and music producer Scheme raised another good point, asking why it was necessary to discuss such things when all it achieves is division.

One person shared some information from ChatGPT about societies worldwide that refuted the two-gender remark.

Some Twitter users trolled him, while others supported his comments:

The gender-identity debate is a highly complicated and delicate issue that has been studied and debated for decades. By making the tweet, Adin Ross has certainly pulled quite a lot of interactions to his Twitter. His comments on stream do make it even more controversial.

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