Adin Ross tells Jidion that he watched adult content on Kick as a "flex" to show that he can do what other streamers cannot

Adin Ross tells Jidion that he streamed explicit content on Kick because he knew he would get way with it (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross tells Jidion that he streamed explicit content on Kick because he knew he would get way with it (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a recent stream with Jidion, Adin Ross talked about why he had watched adult content on stream. The act of streaming a webpage containing explicit content was clearly in violation of the Terms of Services of the fledgling platform. However, the former Twitch streamer did not face any consequences whatsoever, causing a lot of backlash from the community.

Furthermore, Ross' recent comments have further fanned the flames of controversy. The controversial streamer told Jidion that he had pulled up the adult content on Kick as a flex to show that he could "do it," insinuating that streamers, possibly on other platforms, cannot:

"Then again, that's why I did it though. And again, that was just stupid as f*ck. I was just doing it more to like, flex that I could do it. Does that make sense? To show that I could do it, like, you know. We don't get streamers pull that sh*t up."

"I can watch p*rn, nothing's gonna happen to me": Adin Ross explains to Jidion that he wanted to exhibit the fact that he could show adult content on Kick


People who follow streamers will know that both Adin and Jidion are indefinitely banned from Twitch for reasons peculiar to each. The former caused quite a stir with his controversial comments about the LGBTQ community while streaming on Kick. Few days later, he got banned from Twitch due to unmoderated hateful conduct from his audience.

Jidion has been battling a permanent ban since January 2022 for orchestrating what turned out to be a hate raid on Pokimane. He has since apologized and made things right with the Offline TV streamer, but the Amazon-owned company has refused to budge, forcing him to stream on YouTube.


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Adin Ross had Jidion over on his stream, and one of the first things that the Kick streamer brought up was the adult content scandal, joking about watching some explicit things with the latter on stream.

"So, the reason I called you today. I wanna watch p*rn with you on stream. Are you ready?"

Jidion looked uncomfortable and brought up YouTube's TOS, and Adin dropped the request immediately, revealing that he was joking.

"I'm kidding bro..."

But that was enough for the YouTuber to ask a genuine question about the incident:

"Actual question, what possessed you to like, actually look up p*rn?"

Adin Ross then casually revealed that the reason he pulled up adult content on the stream was because his chat was asking for it and because he wanted to show that he could pull up banned content without any consequences:

"'Cus my whole chat spamming p*rn and I just wanted to show, 'Oh, I can go on p*rn and nothing's gonna happen to me.' And, um, I don't actually watch p*rn myself. And I pulled it up and I didn't click on any videos. I was like, 'Look, this is what you guys wanted. I don't condone that sh*t.' And clicked off."

Furthermore, Ross added that other streamers had apparently done worse acts on stream that week, but he is being vilified online.

"Obviously, you know, um... It's just funny that that day, literally that week, other streamers did stuff comparable to that. I think worse, but nobody talks about it. I am not gonna get into specifics. It's f*cking hilarious to me."

Jidion seemed a bit taken aback by the answer and could only acknowledge the fact that most streamers were not doing what Adin ROss had done:

"Nah, nah. I feel that. Definitely, definitely don't see streamers do that."

Adin Ross and Jidion have seen immense success in the last few years and have since been banned from the platform where they garnered big audiences. However, readers should note that the latter has been more apologetic about the actions that got him banned than the former.

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