The best moveset for Muk in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Brandon Moore

Muk can be a very bulky and dangerous battle when it comes to Pokemon GO and its GO Battle League.

The recent Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO saw increased spawns for Grimer. Trainers were able to catch a ton of Grimer in order to gather enough Candy and evolve it into a Muk or two.


This has seen a lot of Pokemon GO trainers giving Muk a chance in PVP battles, taking on Gyms, and going up against powerful Raid Pokemon. They will need to give it the best moveset possible for each scenario.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

The best moveset for Muk in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has Pokemon attack differently depending on how they are being controlled. The Speed of an attack varies for a player-controlled creature and an AI-controlled one left to defend a gym.

Gym defending Pokemon in Pokemon GO attack every two seconds with different energy gains. They do not rely on the Speed of an attack. That sometimes makes the best choice for an attacking and defending moveset different.


  • Fast Attack: Poison Jab
  • Charged Attack: Gunk Shot

Muk is a pure Poison-type. That makes his best offensive moveset in Pokemon GO all Poison-type attacks. The Fast Attack should be Poison Jab. In PVP, Poison Jab receives a STAB for 15 damage per second. It also generates 8.8 Energy per second.

The Charged Attack should be Gunk Shot. With 50.3 DPS, this is another Poison-type move that will do some wild damage to Grass and Fairy-types. That is 130 base damage without the STAB and requires 100 Energy.


  • Fast Attack: Infestation
  • Charged Attack: Gunk Shot

For those looking to leave their Muk to defend a Pokemon GO Gym, change things up just a bit. Instead of Poison Jab, the best option for its Fast Attack will be the Bug-type move Infestation. This will do supereffective damage to Psychic-types.

Gunk Shot will remain in the Charged Attack. With Infestation gaining slightly more energy than Poison Jab as Muk defends, Gunk Shot will have no issue charging up and delivering massive damage to those trying to take control of the gym.

Edited by Gautham Balaji

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