The infamous 'invincibility' glitch is back again in Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 is live right now (image via Activision)
Warzone Season 4 is live right now (image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 has brought back an infamous bug that has scared fans for a long time. The infamous 'invincible' bug has likely returned, and players are back to exploiting it to win matches.

The new season is live right now. With a new map and brand new POIs in Caldera, players have had something more to experience since the introduction of Warzone Pacific. However, the return of all the bugs and glitches made the game go back to square one.


Activision also added a dedicated anti-cheat system called Ricochet, which worked well for the very first half of the game. However, cheaters and exploiters are back and running around freely, from Caldera's Peak to Fortune's Bay. With all the exploitation and cheating issues, the most annoying 'invincible' bug is likely back in the game.

Fans are concerned after seeing the return of 'invincibility' bug in Warzone

In a recent Tweet, streamer TrickyRick posted a video that showed him shooting at an enemy who was not taking any kind of damage. Despite his high number of shots, the opponent player was completely unharmed. Eventually, he executed the streamer and won the match using unfair means.

Another Twitter user named vvpaton commented on the video by showing that the same thing happened with him:

While some fans are speculating that the infamous 'invincibility' glitch is back in Warzone, others in the community thought the guy was blatantly cheating. While it is not quite clear what triggered the said situation, this clip surely concerns the entire community.

One fan said:

Another user named Adel, who experienced the same, emphasized that the glitch had returned after all:

Despite Raven’s claims that the situation has been fixed, it is pretty clear that is not the case. Unlike other bugs like hiding behind walls or floors, this bug does not require any specific method to activate.

While the game is already filled with several glitches and cheaters, the return of the bug is clearly not good news for this popular battle royale. Fans hope that Raven Software will look into this matter and fix this immediately.