"New guns make the game incredibly difficult": Fans are not happy with the constant meta shift in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

Warzone season 4 is live right now (Image via Activision)
Warzone season 4 is live right now (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is live right now. With the game adding more content this season, fans were more than happy after a long time. A brand new map, new POIs, and Easter eggs have brought more to the game and given the community a breath of fresh air.

However, with Warzone's infamous meta shift still there and the plethora of weapons that the game possesses, it is quite difficult for players to choose what to use for their custom loadouts.


Warzone currently has three maps that players can play simultaneously. Be it the Pacific Island of Caldera, Fortune's Keep, or Rebirth Island, players now have a lot of options to hop on.

However, the community is still not happy with the typical meta change that Warzone does most of the time. Here's what fans have to say regarding the recent Vanguard meta weapons.

Call of Duty Warzone fans are dissatisfied with the game's constant meta change

Back at the end of Season 2 Pacific, there was a time when weapon balancing was pretty good and players could use more or less any gun as their primary loadout and have a fair firght. However, in the next 2 seasons, things have changed a lot and the meta went back into its old self again.

With the new Vanguard guns having ten attachments at a time, it was unfair at the beginning compared to Modern Warfare and Cold War's guns. It also requires more weapon XP to unlcok the levels so that players can use the guns at their max potentital.

Redditor u/danielhollenbeck13 created a post that stated:

The game was released when a worldwide pandemic conquered the world. It was labeled as the "pandemic game." With people having more time on their hands and being isolated from the rest of the world, the title was something that Call of Duty lovers held onto. The amount of grinding Warzone needs to compete with regular players is a lot.

Since the pandemic is almost over and the world is on its feet again, busy days are here again. For players who don't have enough time to grind up their weapons, and are getting frustrated at the current meta situation in the game.

With the fresh season, new guns like the Marco 5 have immediately come up to the meta list. But to unlock the gun, players need to reach the Tier 15 of the Battle Pass before the grinding starts. Fans who love playing with their old Cold War weapons or Modern Warfare weapons will not have a chance against the NZ-41 post-nerf.

A Redditor named Kaptein Kooleio said:

The community blames Activision because they think the developers want more money and thus want more people to play Vanguard and use microtransactions to level up.

Another Reddit user named ehjhockey gave a solution, which might be a counter to the meta shift while keeping the metas in the game.

Here is what another user had to say, who got annoyed by all the grinding and went back to the MW multiplayer,

Casual players have been dissatisfied with the game's policy regarding the game's meta.

Fans who love competitive realistic FPS but still want that arcade feeling, Warzone is probably the best option to play right now. With Battlefield being the only competitor, one fan wondered what would happen if Battlefield 2042's developers released the game perfectly.

This clearly indicates that the community is tired of the game right now. However, with minimal options in hand, they don't have any other games to play.

While Warzone 2 is on the horizon, fans are hoping that the developers are taking notes from the title's current situation and will not repeat the same mistake again.