Call of Duty Warzone to reportedly feature 'Haunting of Fortune's Keep' prior to Halloween 2022

Recent leak suggests the return of 'Haunting' event on Fortune's Keep (Image via Sportskeeda)
Recent leak suggests the return of 'Haunting' event on Fortune's Keep (Image via Sportskeeda)

Call of Duty Warzone season 4 is at its peak right now. While the game is in a much better condition with a brand new map and new POIs in Caldera, it has more to offer prior to the yearly Halloween event in Warzone.

While nothing has been confirmed by Activision yet, a recent leak has come to the surface suggesting that the 'Haunting' event might be back for the new map, Fortune's Keep.


Starting with 'Haunting of Verdansk', the Halloween event is possibly the game's most popular annual celebration. Here is everything we know about the upcoming event.

Warzone might feature 'Haunting of Fortune's Keep' this Halloween

Call of Duty leaker TheGhostOfHope is known for his credible news in the industry. In a recent tweet, he posted:

The tweet indicated that there might be a chance of the infamous 'Haunting' series returning to the game. The event was first rolled out on the fan favorite Verdansk map back in October 20, 2020. It immediately became the favorite event in the community.

The event usually features a moonlit and haunted version of the map. There are multiple in-game tasks for players to complete, earning rewards. After death, players can become zombies to help team mates navigate and win matches.


The Haunting event made a huge return in 2021 after Black Ops Cold War. The inclusion of Vanguard this year, alongside the introduction of Warzone Pacific, has made fans hopeful about a Halloween event that might feature zombies, moonlit maps, rewarding events, and more.

With the travesty that Caldera has become, it is unlikely that Raven will feature a 'Haunting' event on the Pacific Island map.


The new Resurgence map, Fortune's Keep, got popular the moment it was dropped. Furthermore, there are already Zombie Easter Eggs on the map. While it is not quite certain how the event will happen, a completely new 'Haunting of Fortune's Keep' is likely to arrive in Warzone soon.

Halloween is set to commence on October 31, and usually, the Halloween event of Warzone begins prior. If the leak becomes a reality, fans will see Fortune's Keep and might get a whole new Halloween event that will engage the community.

Disclaimer: Nothing has been proven by the developers. Hence, take the information with a pinch of salt.

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