Stranger Things x Warzone: Redditor imagines crazy crossover using Vecna's curse in grotesque way

A fan created Vecna's curse as a finishing move in Warzone (Image via Activision and Netflix)
A fan created Vecna's curse as a finishing move in Warzone (Image via Activision and Netflix)

Call of Duty Warzone is a highly popular battle royale on the market. In the last couple of months, the FPS franchise has been trying to leap into the world of pop culture. Its recent crossovers with these references have helped the game reach a larger audience.

With Fortnite being the trendsetter, Call of Duty Warzone is not falling behind. They have had crossovers with Kong vs Godzilla, which was by far the biggest collab in the game's history.

Activision has brought the famous manga/ anime series Attack on Titan to the game, and the appearance of John McClane, Rambo, and other popular characters from the silver screen has made the battle royale experience connect with the world of pop culture.


A recent fan-made crossover of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things in Warzone showed another possibility that Activision might need to check out.

Redditor brings Vecna's curse from Stranger Things to Warzone

Netflix just released the final two episodes of the popular show Stranger Things. While the hype regarding the series has skyrocketed recently, Season 4 has topped its viewership charts worldwide and became the platform's biggest launch weekend in history.

Instead of waiting for an official crossover to arrive, fans of both the show and the game have created their own versions of the collaboration and brought the world of 'Upside Down' into the game.

A Redditor, u/Mistakingcone99, created a video of a finishing move in Warzone, which appeared to be inspired by the primary antagonist Vecna's killing style in Stranger Things.

Fans familiar with Stranger Things Season 4 would know that Vecna is a mysterious creature from Upside Down who targets teenagers and puts them in a trance before killing them.

He then lifts them with his power, snaps their legs and hands in the most gruesome way, and implodes their eyeballs from inside. The grotesque details and gore have shown that what appeared to be a small-town teenage sci-fi show at first is not holding back now.

The Redditor has rendered a finishing move in a similar style, where one operator lifted the other into the air and mutilated their body, just like Vecna. The infamous grandfather clock from the series can be seen in the background.

Fans of the show and the game loved this fan-made video and want Activision to make this real.

Crossovers with a finishing move in the game will not be the first time if this becomes real. Previously, fans have seen Crossover bundles that featured a finishing move similar to the movie or the anime.

From Levi's special move from Attack on Titan to John McClane's move from Die Hard, they've already seen such moves. So it is not a bit of a stretch to say that this fan-made imagination might soon become a reality.

However, this clip was created entirely by a fan and is not official. Nothing regarding the crossover between Stranger Things and Warzone has come to the surface.

Hence, fans just need to wait and see if this will be possible in the near future.