The Last of Us Part 1 has officially gone gold ahead of its September launch

The Last of Us Part 1 has officially gone gold (Image via PlayStation)
The Last of Us Part 1 has officially gone gold (Image via PlayStation)

When Naughty Dog revealed The Last of Us Part 1 for PlayStation 5, the response from the fan base was polarizing. Some believed it was a blatant cash grab, while others couldn't wait for the opportunity to dive into their beloved world. Whatever the stance of fans may be, Naughty Dog recently announced that the remake of one of the greatest video games of all time has gone gold ahead of its September launch.

In the context of the video game industry, the phrase "gone gold" means that the development of the project is over, and it has been determined that it is good enough to be shipped and sold, with typically no further delays to be expected. Fans will be excited by the news as it confirms that the PS5 title is ready for its launch later this year on September 2.

Naughty Dog confirms The Last of Us Part 1 Remake has gone gold

During its announcement, Naughty Dog confirmed that the upcoming title was being completely rebuilt from the ground up. The developers utilized the latest PS5 engine to integrate various features that the new-gen console boasts, including advanced visual fidelity and the haptic feedback of DualSense.


The developers also assured fans that The Last of Us Part 1 is a faithful remake of the original experience, where players will get to immerse themselves in the iconic story of Joel and Ellie.

The remake will feature "modernized gameplay mechanics, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options." They further stated that players would "feel immersed in improved environmental storytelling, effects, facial animations, and enhanced exploration and combat."

The Last of Us Part 1 has two editions that are already available to pre-order. While the Standard Edition comes with the base game and the Left Behind prequel, the Deluxe Edition comes with numerous in-game upgrades, items, and skins. The full list of perks in the Digital Deluxe Edition is listed below:

  • Two skill upgrades (early unlock)
  • Pistol/rifle upgrade (early unlock)
  • Explosive arrows (early unlock)
  • Dither Punk Filter (early unlock)
  • Speedrun Mode (early unlock)
  • Six weapon skins (early unlock)

Robert Morrison, one of the developers who worked on The Last of Us Part 1, recently pushed back on the idea that the project was a mere cash grab. He explained that they have put a lot of passion, care, and attention into the game and mentioned that it was "the most meticulously built and crafted project" he's seen in his entire career.

Naughty Dog will look to win over those who are unhappy with the price tag once the game arrives in all its glory. To that end, the title going gold is positive news.

Apart from the upcoming remake, the world of The Last of Us already has two other projects coming in the near future. Fans will soon get to see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the post-apocalyptic TV series based on the 2013 title. Naughty Dog has also announced that they are developing a multiplayer title set in the same universe as the game.