The next Last of Us won't be Part III, as Naughty Dog announces massive multiplayer spin-off in development

The Uncharted developer will be working on a standalone multiplayer game next (Images via Sony)
The Uncharted developer will be working on a standalone multiplayer game next (Images via Sony)

Summer Game Fest 2022 had a bunch of great reveals, including a debut look at The Last of Us Part I. The upcoming remake of the hit 2013 PS3 classic, which will be helmed by series developer Naughty Dog, seems to utilize the same graphics tech as 2020's TLOU Part II.

Now, the American developers have announced that they are working on a huge multiplayer title, which will be set in the same universe as their post-apocalyptic survival-horror series. Here is all you need to know.

The Last of Us multiplayer will expand upon the original universe

The upcoming project will be set on a large scale. Details are, of course, scarce for now, as it is still in early development. The team has only shared the above concept art. A couple of characters can be seen scouting from a vantage point as the area around them erupts in chaos.

However, speaking on the Summer Game Fest 2022 livestream, series director Neil Druckman offered some interesting tidbits. The Last of Us multiplayer game is said to have a novel story alongside new characters.

Despite being a multiplayer game, Naughty Dog aims to incorporate their flair for gripping storytelling into a potential PvP/PvE scenario. It will take after the multiplayer mode introduced in the PS3 original called Factions, in which players team up in skirmishes against one another to emerge victorious.

It remains to be seen what improvements will be made with the next-gen title. No platforms have been confirmed as of yet, but it will likely be announced for PS5 and perhaps PC. The latter makes sense as the remake of the first game is heading to the platform.

What is The Last of Us Part I about?

In the series, players control Joel, a survivor of the populace-ravaging fungus threat that has turned many into hostile undeads. Coming across a young girl named Ellie, the duo must face the unforgiving world that remains.

The Last of Us Part I introduces a modern audience to the acclaimed narrative from Naughty Dog. It is definitely odd for Sony to remake a game that already has a remaster on PS4, but here we are. Regardless, it aims to tell the same engaging plot that showered the PS3 game with awards.

The remake will feature brand new visuals and will make the most of the PS5 hardware. It will also have exclusive features on the console, like 3D audio and haptic feedback that the Dualsense controller is known for. It is headed to the PS5 on September 2, 2022. The PC version, on the other hand, will arrive at a later date.

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