"The single worst anti-cheat ever": Fans react as FIFA 23's security feature makes it unplayable on PC

EA's anti-cheat has caused a lot of issues for fans of FIFA 23 on PC (Images via EA Sports)

The introduction of cross-play in FIFA 23 was a much anticipated addition to the franchise. It had fans excited that they would finally be able to play with their friends without being restricted by the platform they play on. It was one of the key marketing features used by EA Sports to promote the latest installment in the iconic football simulation series.

However, FIFA 23's release has been marred by controversy. It is far from the product that fans had hoped for, especially on PC, where the anti-cheat software has rendered the game unplayable.

The community have not minced their words at all while expressing their dissatisfaction on social media, with some going as far as to claim it is the worst anti-cheat to ever be conceived.

EA single handedly constructed the single worse Anti-cheat ever for Fifa 23 :)

Hackers have plagued the franchise on PC for years, which could potentially be the reason for the platform's exclusion from the FIFA esports scene. Since PC players can compete against opponents on Xbox and PlayStation with the introduction of cross-play, the anti-cheat is a necessary measure to ensure fair-play.

EA's anti-cheat has caused more problems than it has fixed in FIFA 23

Much was expected from the franchise's first foray into cross-play, but no one could have expected EA's anti-cheat system to have so many flaws.

Since its inception, the software has led to more issues than it has fixed, making gamers wonder whether they would be better off without the anti-cheat altogether. In a last-ditch attempt, they have taken to social media to voice their woes.


While the anti-cheat is aimed at preventing hackers from exploiting loopholes within the code of the game and ruining the experience for others, it has been unable to do so altogether.

Hackers are still rampant in FIFA 23, as demonstrated by this fan on Twitter. Using an exploit within the FIFA Trainer system, they can disconnect their opponents and secure the win for themselves.

So FIFA 23 hasn't completed 1 week since the release and there are already many Cheat tools made, however EA released an Anti-Cheat which is supposed to be the strongest Anti-cheat on the earth huhOK looook at this @FutSheriff @FUTDonkey@DonkTrading @sbc_tips @denisfut_tradeP1

Apart from being unable to perform its functions effectively, the anti-cheat has had a detrimental effect on the game instead. Many players have been unable to get the game to operate at all because of this software, and are not too pleased with this. They have thus taken to Twitter to aim their frustrations at EA Sports.

This fan in particular purchased the Ultimate edition of FIFA 23, only to have their experience hindered by the buggy anti-cheat system.

@EAHelp @Steam @Steam_Support I spent $120 on Fifa 23 Ultimate Edition on PC and can't even launch the game because of the EA anti cheat errors. I have done all troubleshooting methods but nothing works. Just want my money back, I have not redeemed any DLC I purchased.

Another user tagged EA Sports and their customer support accounts on Twitter to ask for assistance with their purchase. They were unable to access the game despite following the steps mentioned on the developer's site to fix anti-cheat glitches.

@EAHelp help me with my ea anti-cheat, this thing ain't working, I tried everything you told me on the site but absolutely nothing works, first, it says EA anti-cheat service encountered an error. Please restart the game, then I repair it and it says failure during the uptade.??!

Another fan pointed out how EA has been unable to come up with an efficient anti-cheat despite being a multi-billion dollar company, especially after generating a large chunk of their annual revenue from the FIFA franchise.

How come EA is a multi billion dollar company and they can't fix their top selling game on PC and it's been out for nearly an entire week.@EASPORTSFIFA do you ever plan on fixing the Anti Cheat error for Fifa 23 PC players?

Meanwhile, helpful tech-savvy members of the FIFA community have been doing their best to provide their fellow fans with the guidance they need to fix these issues and have the experience EA Sports promised on delivering with FIFA 23.

If you are on PC and getting the EA Anti-Cheat error even after running Origin as Admin and everything, I found a fix:-Open the FIFA 23 Folder and then open the "_Installer" Folder.-Open the EA Anti-Cheat folder, and you'll find the installer. Launch this and Uninstall

As is the norm whenever anything goes wrong with the game, certain sections of the community have managed to find humor in the situation, posting memes and jokes on Twitter.

Launch day of EA anticheat

FIFA 23 has had a rather shaky start to its game cycle, and the issues continue to mount on even further. Fans on PC will be hoping that EA can provide a fix to these issues in time so they can enjoy their purchase and experience the title like their peers on consoles.

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