"They all look horrifying, in a good way": Community reacts to new Final Fantasy XVI 'Dominance' trailer

Fans have reacted positively to the new trailer for the game (Image via Square Enix)
Fans have reacted positively to the new trailer for the game (Image via Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XVI has received a new trailer titled Dominance, and fans are ecstatic. The trailer is quite a detailed one and nearly three minutes in length. The upcoming game of the iconic franchise was among the several titles that were present at last night's State of Play event. Fans have since taken to social media to express what they think of it. While some just announced their excitement, others specified their wishes and expectations regarding the upcoming title.

Final Fantasy XVI is the next installment in the hit series. Although a release date hasn't been given out yet, fans are quite excited about what's to come in the near future. There have been trailers, but the current one feels much more detailed and refined. It also indicates that the development is progressing as anticipated.

Final Fantasy XVI fans react to Dominance trailer at PlayStation State of Play event

Fans have been quick to come to conclusions upon seeing the trailer. Many have also mentioned what characters they'd like to see in Final Fantasy XVI.


One fan expressed their wish to see what Square Enix does with Ifrit's storyline. They're also hoping to see more iconic summons in the game, including Alexander.

Another fan thinks that Fefnir, Leviathan, and Alexander coming back to the new game would make for an amazing experience.

Some believe that the new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI is the best one since that of Final Fantasy XII. They predict that there will be a substantial emphasis on the story-telling aspect of the game, and this will be seen as a welcome return to the roots of the series.

Such is the hype around the game that some look forward to it more than God of War Ragnarok. The latter is one of the most anticipated games of 2022.

The Final Fantasy games have traditionally been known for their powerful summons, and one fan is looking forward to being able to control them.

Given that the upcoming title will be exclusive to PlayStation 5, some believe it's time to get one.

While the overall response has been quite positive, there have been some points of criticism. One fan of the series feels that the HUD looks crowded and doesn't fit the overall design of the game.

However, some were not impressed by the changes to gameplay mechanics implied by the trailer. One such gamer believes that the game will be great, but it won't have enough classic Final Fantasy gameplay.

Another fan echoed the previous sentiment and believes that the series is moving away from turn-based gameplay and entering brawler territory.

It remains to be seen how Final Fantasy XVI will be received upon release. While the reactions seem to be positive, Square Enix will need to ensure that the game doesn't lose its core audience.

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