"This new CEO knows Twitch unlike the old one" - Online community reacts as ExtraEmily interacts with Dan Clancy live on her stream

ExtraEmily's recent interaction with Dan Clancy went viral on Reddit (Image via ExtraEmily/Twitter and Sportskeeda)

On April 14, 2023, popular Just Chatting and IRL streamer Emily "ExtraEmily" got to interact with Twitch's new CEO, Dan Clancy. This all started when she called up One True King (OTK) co-founder Matthew "Mizkif" live on her broadcast, during which the latter inquired if he was on loudspeaker.

After receiving confirmation, Mizkif handed the phone to someone, addressing them as Emily's "boss." The New Yorker was taken aback by this and wondered who the Twitch star was referring to.

Dan Clancy was then revealed to be on the other side, with both personalities having a brief but joyful conversation. ExtraEmily's unexpected interaction with the Twitch CEO went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with Redditor u/Curious_Gorge7 commenting:

"This new CEO knows Twitch, unlike the old one, it's something."
Redditors reacting to the streamer's clip 1/2 (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors reacting to the streamer's clip 1/2 (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

"Here's your boss" - Mizkif surprises ExtraEmily by letting her interact with current Twitch CEO during a recent livestream

ExtraEmily was five hours into her IRL broadcast on April 14 when she decided to call Mizkif. She inquired if the latter was watching her livestream, to which the Texas-based content creator responded:

"Wait, Emily, am I on speaker? (ExtraEmily confirms that he is) Okay, I want you to talk to someone. Ready? You're live, right? Okay, ready? Here's your boss. Ready? I'm going to give him the phone."

Emily was flabbergasted after hearing what Mizkif said. Upon hearing a third person join the conversation, she initially wondered if she was conversing with OTK co-founder Tips Out. The individual then identified himself as Dan Clancy:

"Hi, Emily. Do you know who this is, Emily? No, it's Dan, the CEO of Twitch. I'm hanging with Miz and then you called and we said, 'Let's go on her stream.' And, so yeah, I'm the CEO of Twitch."

Timestamp: 05:36:55

Emily was overjoyed when she realized she was interacting with Twitch's CEO, responding with:

"Yes, Dan! Of course! Congrats on the new position. I hope that it's going great. It was great meeting you. Have a great run with your meeting!"

Clancy continued the conversation, claiming that he "felt bad." He explained:

"I feel bad because I'm in Austin, and we had a dinner with some streamers and they didn't get you to come. (ExtraEmily responds by saying that she will visit the next get-together) Yes! I went to school here. So, I love coming back to Austin."

Fans react to the streamer's clip

ExtraEmily's conversation with Dan Clancy was amongst the top posts on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's what the online community had to say:

Redditors reacting to the streamer's clip 1/2 (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors reacting to the streamer's clip 1/2 (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

One Redditor believed that "something was going on," as this was supposedly the second time that Clancy had a meeting with OTK members. Meanwhile, another fan expressed optimism because the new Twitch CEO seemed to be far more involved with the community.