"This is where Tyler usually streams" - xQc hilariously points out Tyler1โ€™s "streaming room" in his new apartment

xQc jokes about Tyler1 living in a room underneath the staircase (Images via loltyler1 and xQcOW/Twitter)
xQc jokes about Tyler1 living in a room underneath the staircase (Images via loltyler1 and xQcOW/Twitter)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

Twitch sensation Felix "xQc" has moved out of his previous home in Los Angeles, and during a recent livestream, he decided to show off his new streaming room and setup.

While showcasing his new room setup, the live streamer took the opportunity to poke a hilarious, light-hearted banter with Tyler "Tyler1".

He stated how the League of Legends player streams from a small room underneath the staircase. As he joked about another famous Twitch content creator, Felix pointed to the small room and mentioned:

"This is where Tyler usually streams."

xQc sarcastically shows off where Tyler1 usually streams from

The former Overwatch pro player moved places once again after leaving his former living space in Los Angeles last week. After moving into a new house at a new location in Canada, Felix decided to show off his flashy living space to his viewers.

At the fifth minute mark of his May 16 stream, xQc detached his webcam from his personal computer and started a small, vlog-style stream as he wanted to show the details of his new streaming room.

He showcased all his access cards for various events hanging on the wall and showed a new background. A few minutes after he showed off his gaming and streaming PC, the Twitch star panned his camera backwards and displayed a small room underneath the staircase.

He pointed at the door and sarcastically stated that Tyler1 lived in that room and streamed from there. His banter continued when he mentioned that the room was currently abandoned since he had flown to South Korea to dominate the ranked ladder of League of Legends.

"But now he is in Korea, so that's why it is open. I let him out."

Timestamp: 00:06:46

His jest came to a close as he continued to show off his room by now pointing to the washroom adjacent to so-called Tyler1's room. His witty remarks did not end as he provided some context for a fire extinguisher present in his living space:

"The thing is, the thing is that, with the other PC, I had Intel, and then I moved over here, I have a new PC, I bought AMD, okay? I bought AMD and what it does is that whenever I game that's too heavy for the CPU load, it's the... (points at the fire extinguisher)."

He soon ended his vlog-style IRL stream and moved on to reacting to viral content and playing games on his stream.

Fans react to xQc's hilarious banter

Fans on Reddit added to the French-Candian streamer's banter and joked about Tyler1 by stating that the former's joke was so low-hanging that Tyler could easily grab it.

Some Redditors were confused about the streamer's recent move.

xQc is currently one of the biggest English-speaking content creators on the livestreaming platform and has more than 10 million followers on his main Twitch channel.

Throughout his online career, the former Dallas Fuel team member has popularized a number of games on Twitch, one being Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplaying (GTA 5 RP).

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