"Do a good old classic restart"- Disguised Toast provides tech support to TinaKitten on livestream

Toast provided a helping hand to Tina (Image via YouTube)
Toast provided a helping hand to Tina (Image via YouTube)

Disguised Toast was seen in an endearing moment on Twitch helping out a stressed TinaKitten in an untimely PC malfunction while they were streaming Among Us.

The lobby included other streamers such as Valkyrae, Ludwig, Corpse, Sykkuno, Myth, and xChocoBars. At the beginning of the second round of the game, Tina had a technical failure on her computer. The others present were quick on her case to provide support.


Toast provides helping hand to Tina

While playing Among Us on Sunday, the South Korean Twitch streamer faced an ill-timed technical glitch on her computer. Tina's screen appeared to have frozen, and she could not operate it.

As the gamers were about to leave the 'dropship' area of the Polus map in Among Us, she was visibly distraught as she faced a frozen screen:

"What the heck, my computer (shows) black screen."

The confused broadcaster continued:

"It (screen) just kinda froze and died!"

Sykkuno was heard in the background, suggesting they could restart the game, implying they did not want their friend to be left out of the game. He exclaimed mildly:

"I guess we just reset (the game), right guys?"

While the commotion was going on, the Imposter had also managed to sneak in with a kill, with Corpse whispering that it was "Rae" (Valkyrae).

The 100 Thieves content creator was still bemused at the sight of her PC malfunctioning. She interjected with a question, asking others if their monitors also froze or showed any signs of glitches.

"Does both of your monitors ever completely freeze? And then it like, glitches."

The question was met with various responses, with Natsumii, the Canadian streamer and musician, saying "sometimes," hinting that she may have also faced similar issues. Corpse suggested that the problem may lie in the "graphics card" (GPU).

Natsumii added that "it might be a cooling issue."

Timestamp: 1:15:22

It wasn't until at least a minute and a half into the discussion that the Taiwanese-born streamer spoke. Upon hearing that the rest should go ahead with the game without Tina, Toast chimed in with others of their disapproval of the idea.

At this point in the stream, Tina was evidently in tears and dejected while irritably exclaiming that:

"Everything is broken. It's been like this forever. I cannot even click anything on it (monitor) and move anything at all."

Toast asked if her OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), used for streaming and recording, was working, to which the Asian star responded affirmatively. The former finally suggested performing a 'good old classic' restart and calmly assured her that:

"But don't worry because all your viewers are gonna stay and wait for you to come back."

Rightly enough, Toast's immaculate technical knowledge saved the day. Once TinaKitten restarted her monitor, she returned with the stream and rejoined the rest in the next game.

Read how fans reacted

Fan reactions to the whole incident (Image via YouTube)
Fan reactions to the whole incident (Image via YouTube)

These streamers continue to play Among Us and various other games on their respective channels. They can be found streaming on Twitch regularly, including Tina and Toast.

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