Watch: Trainwreckstv sends $120,000 to JakenBakeLIVE to buy his dream car on stream

Trainwreckstv sends JakenBakeLIVE $120,000 in the form of BTC (Images via JakenBakeLIVE and Trainwreck/Twitter)
Trainwreckstv sends JakenBakeLIVE $120,000 in the form of BTC (Images via JakenBakeLIVE and Trainwreck/Twitter)

A spectacular moment was caught on stream when Twitch streamer JakenBakeLIVE was gifted a massive amount of $120,000 by fellow Twitch content creator Tyler "Trainwreckstv."

JakenBake has been eyeing the sports car Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS over the past month. He had hoped that his followers would help him connect with a Porsche dealership that would help him secure his dream car.

Today is a dream.Won the #ATTAnnihilatorCup. @Trainwreckstv sent me $120k to buy my dream car.I am currently building my dream car.Going to the dealer tomorrow.What the heck is life rn..My brain is literally broken.

On April 30, 2022, the IRL content creator's dream of owning the sports spec version of Cayman came true when Trainwreckstv gave the former $120,000 in the form of BTC.

JakenBakeLIVE was left stunned after Trainwreckstv sends him $120,000 to buy his dream car

Famous IRL streamer and content creator JakenBake recently hosted a livestream. He participated in the AT&T's Annihilator Cup tournament series and played the tactical first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

After competing with several well-known content creators and gamers, JakenBake dominated the tournament ladder and emerged victorious.

While he was competing in the tournament, he was also on the quest of raising a total of $350,000 to buy his dream car. During the second half of his eight-hour-long livestream, a spectacular moment was caught on stream when Trainwreckstv gave $120,000 to the IRL Twitch streamer.

While Jake was conversing with Trainwrecks, he asked humorously asked the latter if it was "drug money." Train replied, saying:

"No, it's not drug money. That's fine, you watch many of those TV shows, which I don't blame you. Those are really good shows."

He then stated that he had successfully transferred $120,000:

"Oh, there you go! It's in! Congratulations."

JakenBake was astonished and jumped up from his chair. He loudly exclaimed:

"Holy f**k! What do you mean?"

Trainwreckstv, meanwhile, played it cool and said:

"Yeah, alright. I have to go. See you later."

He continued:

"I sent that to you on Coinbase and CashApp."

JakenBake was unable to find the right words to express himself. He tried to talk to Trainwrecks by saying:

"Train, where are you going to... what?"

Trainwrecks added:

"Yep, enjoy brother. Buy the car, you deserve it and post it on Twitter. I want to see it on Twitter with everybody, because all these motherf***ers post their s**t, f**k those motherf***ers. I want to see you posting your goddamn Porsche. Alright, see ya."

(Timestamp: 06:03:32)

JakenBake thanked the generous content creator for enabling him to buy his dream car on stream. After Train finished off with the call, Jake said:

"Train! Dude, thank you. What? Thank you, I'm going to pick you up. Train! He left. What the f**k! How does this work?"

The 31-year-old Twitch streamer left his room to collect his thoughts. He returned a few minutes later and continued to stream for two more hours.

Reddit reacts to Trainwreckstv sending $120,000 to JakenBakeLIVE on stream

Fans on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFail were amused to see how casually Trainwreckstv sent a huge sum to the Twitch streamer. Fans speculated the amount of money Trainwreckstv would be making.

Some Redditors questioned the streamer's choice of car.

JakenBakeLIVE is one of the most famous IRL content creators on Twitch who regularly travels to Asian countries to explore their culture and heritage. He started streaming on Twitch back in June 2017 and has become a fan-favorite streamer ever since.

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